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PBS The Civil War: Episode 2 – A Very Bloody Affair 1862

Another Ken Burns episode.  While Shelby Foote annoys me with his inaccuracies, overall it’s a good introduction to the Civil War.

Should We Ignore the Flaggers?

In his “Blue & Gray” column in the current issue [April 2015] issue of Civil War Times, Professor Gary Gallagher discusses the flagger phenomenon.  He says he finds the flaggers and the response to the flaggers from “some serious students of the Civil War” “puzzling.”  He tells us of the flagger claims, “These claims have […]

Loathing Lincoln

Here’s an excellent presentation by historian John McKee Barr from his book, discussing the major critics of Lincoln.  He does a pretty good job of outlining their main points.  He also shows why they are wrong. From the video’s description:  “John McKee Barr talked about his book, Loathing Lincoln: An American Tradition from the Civil […]

Gettysburg Artifacts “If These Things Could Talk”: Gettysburg Winter Lecture 2015

Here’s Ranger Tom Holbrook showing us some artifacts from the GNMP museum collection and giving some interesting details behind them.  He does get confused in some points.  For example, he seems to think that John C. Robinson’s division was part of the XI Corps when in fact it was part of the I Corps.  But […]

PBS The Civil War: Episode 1 – The Cause 1861

Every time I watch the Ken Burns miniseries I find some inaccuracy.  Still, it’s an excellent introduction to the Civil War and is compelling television, an example of how powerful this medium can be in teaching people.  

What Gettysburg Meant to its Veterans: Gettysburg Winter Lecture

Here’s Supervisory Ranger Chris Gwinn giving an absolutely outstanding presentation on how the veterans remembered Gettysburg and what it took to put together the veterans reunions.  This was really a great presentation to see.  The folks at the Gettysburg National Military Park ought to use it as a model for giving presentations.  He kept within […]

Gray Fox: Robert E. Lee and the Civil War

This is Burke Davis’ biography of Lee. You can download and read it for free here.