PBS The Civil War: Episode 2 – A Very Bloody Affair 1862

Another Ken Burns episode.  While Shelby Foote annoys me with his inaccuracies, overall it’s a good introduction to the Civil War.



  1. jfepperson · · Reply

    I was more annoyed by the inclusion of Symington as a “talking head.” Foote at least had some bona fides based on his trilogy. What was the basis for including Symington?

    1. I express my annoyance with Symington in my post on Episode Four, Jim. Ken Burns no doubt thought he made a good addition for some reason. I remember either reading or hearing an explanation at some point in the past but I don’t remember what it was. Perhaps it’s a special feature on the DVDs. Kevin looked into this briefly in 2008: http://cwmemory.com/2008/11/16/who-is-that-former-congressman/

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