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Making Pete Carmichael Happy

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the Future of Civil War History conference.  Others have as well, such as Nick Sacco finishing his thoughts here, Brooks Simpson concluding his initial reflections here (along with excellent comments by John Hennessy and Anne Whisnant), and here, and Kevin Levin reflecting very thoughtfully here on his view. Where […]

How Would You Interpret the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge?

Pete Carmichael and Scott Hartwig led a field experience at the CWI Future of Civil War History Conference that sought to provide an alternative suggestion for interpreting an event.  There are some big questions involved, such as, What does it mean to be a nation at war?  What’s the cost?  Is it worth it? We […]

Sacred Trust 2013

The Sacred Trust is a yearly series of lectures put on at the Gettysburg National Military Park in honor of the anniversary of the battle.  This year, they’ve outdone themselves.  It’s a fantastic lineup of all-stars. Day One is Saturday, June 29 and it features Scott Mingus, Jeff Wert, Terry Winschel, James McPherson, Peter Carmichael […]

The Fields of Gettysburg Through the Eyes of Battlefield Surgeons

This was Barbara Sanders’ contribution to the Gettysburg National Military Park Winter Lecture Series, and was the concluding lecture of the series.  Fortunately, for this you don’t have to depend on my sketchy note taking, but through the courtesy of C-SPAN you can watch the entire lecture itself. Enjoy.

More Reflections

Brooks Simpson has weighed in with his reflections on the Future of Civil War History conference.  As usual, he’s spot on.  You can read his remarks here and here. Nick Sacco, who sat in front of me and my daughter during the last two panels, has his reflections here, here, here, and here. Kevin Levin’s […]

Another Attempt to Wreck History by Clint Johnson

Let’s take another journey into the historically inaccurate world of Mr. Johnson in the same article as before. By way of review, Mr. Johnson decries what he calls, “the PC police” who he claims is “wrecking history.”  One example of “wrecking history” he uses is this:  “Last year, Lexington, Va., banned the city displays of […]

Is “Political Correctness” “Wrecking History?”

I came across this article by writer Clint Johnson, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South and Pursuit:  The Chase, Capture, Persecution, & Surprising Release of Jefferson Davis. One can see what the author thinks is important to know about Pursuit here. Note this comment: “Chase was convinced that bringing Davis to trial would […]

Fort Moultrie As Not Seen In 150 Years

Here is an awesome video showing the power of 3-D modeling for historical interpretation. Not your granddad’s Civil War indeed. Hat tip to John Hennessy for tweeting the video.

“Go to Amazon and rate the book”

Over at The Gift That Keeps On Giving, the Heritage Instead of History crowd is upset about the article I posted about here. Apparently it is considered good practice there to rate and review a book people haven’t even seen, let alone read, and know nothing about except for one article published online.  Gary […]

Speaking of MOOCs

I came across this article today. We’re still in the infant stage of MOOCs.  From the article, at least most MOOCs are not offered for credit, so the utility for someone aiming for a degree would be to get a leg up on learning the material they would cover in a for-credit class.  But it’s easy […]