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Photographs of Antietam Battlefield

Here’s Stephen Recker discussing photographs of the Antietam Battlefield, including some that haven’t been seen before. The video’s description reads, “Stephen Recker is creator of the book, Rare Images of Antietam – And the Photographers Who Took Them. Mr. Recker talked about how he became interested in collecting photographs of the Antietam battlefield, and shared stories […]

Typical Neoconfederate Dishonesty

You may have seen this article, as it’s been out for quite a long time now. As we’ve come to expect from neoconfederates, they’ve fabricated evidence of so-called “black confederates.” You may have seen this photo put forward to “prove” black men fought as confederate soldiers from the beginning of the war. It’s a lie. According […]

Abraham Lincoln in Art and Photographs

Here’s Professor Mark Pohlad of DePaul University, a professor of art history. He’s talking about how Lincoln was depicted in images, through art and photography. The video’s description reads, “DePaul University professor Mark Pohlad taught a class on representations of President Abraham Lincoln in art and photographs. He described how images of Lincoln might reach different audiences, such […]

C-SPAN Posts Videos from CWI 2016 Day One

I wrote about the first day of the 2016 Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College here. C-SPAN has now posted the videos from that evening’s lectures and they’re available. David Silkenat of the  University of Edinburgh talked about “An Honorable Defeat: The Confederacy and Reconstruction.” You can see it here: Mark Summers of the University […]

The American Civil War Then and Now

Here is an outstanding project from the Guardian. We start with a period photograph, which you can then morph into a modern photograph of the same spot. You can see the change in the area that’s happened since the Civil War. Additionally, there’s an audio file to play from a commentator speaking about the action […]

Battlefield Photography Then and Now

Here’s a Greystone Communications documentary on battlefield photography focusing on the work of William A. Frassanito.  It’s an episode of the series, “The Unknown Civil War.”  Look how young Garry Adelman and Tim Smith are!  You can also see the effects of time on the battlefield with the growth of trees over the years.  There […]

Gettysburg: A Journey in Time

This was William A. Frassanito’s ground-breaking 1975 book examining the early photography of the Gettysburg Battlefield. If you haven’t read this book, it will open up a whole new field of historical investigation for you.  It’s the selected book for this year’s Civil War Institute Summer Conference, and I’m mighty glad of it. “Early photography” at […]

You Callin’ My Gramma a Liar?

I’m sure most, if not all, of you have seen this story.  A barber in Pembroke, VA, Clate Dolinger, says the three men in the iconic Matthew Brady photograph of three confederate prisoners on Seminary Ridge, were relatives of his. Mr. Dolinger claims, “The soldier on the right is Andrew Blevins, and he was my granddaddy’s  granddaddy.” and […]