V-A-F-L-A-G-G-E-R spells “Incompetent”

I knew that most of the flaggers had an IQ equal to the outside temperature in Boston on a winter day.  But surely, not even they could have been this dumb.  I mean, really.

Andy Hall has some great views of the flag after it was raised here.

If the goal was for people to be able to see this flag easily from I-95, this is an epic failure.

They purchased a 50-foot flag pole.  They did this without having any idea as to the height of the surrounding trees, which, as it turns out, are much higher than 50 feet tall.  Apparently after they erected the flag pole, nobody thought to take a look at it to see if it would be visible from the Interstate before they had their flag raising ceremony.

As a result, the flag is almost invisible from the Interstate.

Brooks has reaction here and here.  He also covers the unveiling of a flag deserving the pride of all of us by some folks who aren’t incompetent here.

Kevin’s reaction can be seen here, and Corey’s reaction is here.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch coverage is here.

I guess it’s all for the best.  Their message of support for white supremacy is almost completely hidden from view, and they can expend money to maintain the flag at that hidden site.

It’s right next to the southbound lane of I-95, which I suppose means it will be easier to see from the northbound lane.  We’ll have to get some photos from there.

I suppose I should have stepped in to help them out a bit on this.

Here’s a tip, flaggers.  Next time, do some measurements, and have a rehearsal raising so you can check from the interstate to see how visible it is, then if it’s not visible, just reschedule your official raising.  That way you have some short-term embarrassment for not making your schedule, but it saves you from looking like complete fools.

You can see the flag raising here:

The idiots can’t tell from looking at it that the trees are higher than the flag.


  1. This is the foreseeable result of having an all-white construction crew do the work.

    1. Sorry, Pat, but I think that joke fell a bit flat.

    2. Michael Rodgers · · Reply

      I think what he’s trying to say (and yes missing, not just a bit but badly) is that it’s not surprising when insularity leads to incompetence. The insularity isn’t primarily or typically or necessarily race-based but school of thought based: to be a part, you’ve got to ascribe to all things SouthronTM.

      1. I agree with that point, Michael. Studies show the best solutions usually come from a diverse group looking at a problem, though a simple engineering problem doesn’t have to have a racially diverse group to find the best solution but rather should have people of different backgrounds. In the flaggers’ case, it should have included more people who didn’t flunk out of high school.

        1. If I said it your way, it would have been funnier.

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