Tweeting Eric Foner

See if you can get the gist of the presentation.  Remember, read from the bottom up.  How did you do?

Albert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

But colonization was no longer part of US policy for dealing with slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Once Lincoln determined on military emancipation, if any black wanted to move out of US, Lincoln would help. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln asking entire nation to confront price of slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Terrible violence of CW preceded by 250 yrs of terrible violence of slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln said we don’t know will of God; might be different from our view; maybe war is God’s punishment on nation #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Lincoln called it American slavery not southern slavery; entire nation complicitous in slavery #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln distilled profound statement about meaning of CW; Everybody knows slavery is somehow cause of CW #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural 4 Mar 65 instructed country on meaning of CW. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Noted blacks desired right to vote. No pres b4 had cared about what blacks desired. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Lincoln’s last address 11 Apr 65, Lincoln supported limited voting rights #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln began thinking seriously about the role blacks would play in postwar American society. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: By decoupling emancipation from colonization he in effect launched the process of reconstruction. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Having made decision Lincoln did not look back. Refused to consider rescinding proclamation. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: They had right to compete for free wages, men & women w/ volition whose loyalty the Union had to earn. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln said they had right to defend their freedom even w/ violence, urged freed slaves to work for reasonable wages #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln chose words carefully, must be read w/ great care. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Since emancipation no longer req. consent of owners, colonization no longer applied. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Included enlisting black men in Army. Never again mentioned colonization in public. No longer part of plan of abolition. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

EF: Lincoln abandoned idea of seeking cooperation of slaveowners in emancipation. Immediate, no compensation, no ref. to col. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Proclaimed full authority to declare emancipation & accepted full responsibility. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln was not great emancipator if we mean someone who always wanted to immediately end slavery. He became great emanc. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Sec Chase suggested including last sentence calling it an act of justice. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF; Constitutional legitimacy rested on war power of President. Military order disappointing to people who read it. Boring. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Required union military victory to be fully implemented; sounded death knell of slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: 3.1 million slaves were covered by EP, largest emancipation in world history. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Several areas excepted including entire state of Tennessee as well as border states, about 800,000 slaves not covered #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    1 Jan 63 abandoned former plan & issued Final EP #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Final offer to border states & confed for compensated emancipation w/o military emancipation. #LincolnF2012

                    EF:  Dec 1 message to Congress long message, somewhat confusing b/c it had standard plan of compensated emancipation #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    22 Jul 62 Lincoln shows EP to Cabinet #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Enlistments falling off, need every man could get. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Slavery beginning to disintegrate wherever Union army went. Thousands of slaves followed Union armies. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Failure to fight CW as conventional war army vs. army led many to say must target slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Abolition in DC; abolition in territories; 1st Confiscation Act all signed by Lincoln #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Most blacks didn’t want to leave US. They were born here, had as much right as anyone else to be here. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Madison met to encourage colonization also.  That’s what Lincoln did. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Lincoln only second president to meet w/ black people in White House as citizens. First was Madison & issue was same. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln’s plan also fell apart among black people due to colonization portion. #LincolnF2012

                    EF:  Lincoln continued to push plan. Border states did not want to give up their slaves. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Delaware not interested. Became last state, along w/ Kentucky, to get rid of slavery. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Lincoln called in Delaware political leaders for plan; gradual emancipation w/ compensation for owners & colonization #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Lincoln launched plan to get border states to adopt voluntary emancipation, started w/ Delaware w/ only 1800 slaves #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Almost from beginning abolitionists began to pressure Lincoln; Lincoln almost immediately put forward his own ideas. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: During CW Lincoln had to act, not just talk about ending slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln always talked about a future w/o slavery; putting slavery on road to extinction. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Nobody in 1850s knew war was coming; nobody could conceive of way to end slavery w/o cooperation of owners. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Last way to emancipation is military emancipation; happened many times in W. Hem. to weaken other side in war #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    Lincoln believed way to abolish would be gradual, compensated emancipation accompanied by colonization. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Slavery could be abolished by 1 individual manumission; 2 emancipation by legal means; 3 Consent of slaveowners #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Colonization a part of the program for getting rid of slavery; way to get rid of barriers to abolition. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: We have to give Lincoln the respect of taking him at his word. #LincolnF2012
18 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    EF: Lincoln emphasized strength of white racism preventing blacks from achieving equality in US society #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Colonization allowed confronting end of slavery w/o having to confront what to do w/ freed blacks in America. #LincolnF2012

EF: Colonization was mainstream’s view of solution to slavery question; Jefferson & Clay both supported it #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln believed in colonization throughout 1850s & it ought to accompany emancipation. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Natural rights didn’t necessarily carry with them other rights–political social rights #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Abolitionists insisted once freed slaves should be viewed as equal members of society; Lincoln saw as distinct questions #LincolnF2012

                    EF; Slavery an obstacle to fulfilling democratic mission of US but nation’s unity must be maintained. #LincolnF2012

EF: Lincoln not believer in manifest destiny. Saw democracy as example for rest of world spread by perfecting our institutions #LincolnF2012

                    EF: His reverence for Constitution vs. W.L. Garrison burning a copy of it in protest of its protection of slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Abolitionists believed moral issue of slavery the paramount position overriding all else.  This was not Lincoln’s view. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: If he hated slavery as much as any abolitionist why wasn’t he an abolitionist? #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Natural right to fruits of own labor was a fundamental equality. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Negro Equality was like calling someone a communist in McCarthy era. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln ultimately saw slavery as a form of theft stealing labor from one to support another. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Combination of engaged social movement & enlightened political leadership. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln came to occupy positions that had been first adopted by abolitionists. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Lincoln well aware of abolitionist significance in public sentiment against slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: It was an unpredictable process w/ twists & turns along the way & many unknowns. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Fruitless to identify a single quotation or letter as the real Lincoln. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Began early in war when slaves took refuge behind Union lines, ended in Dec 1865 w/ ratification of 13th Amendment #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Emancipation was a process that played out over time and arose from many causes, work of many individuals. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Emancipation was both a fundamental change in the war and an emancipation of Lincoln himself from failed policies. #LincolnF2012

                    EF: Another movie coming out soon called Saving Lincoln. Centers on relationship btw Lincoln & Lamon. #LincolnF2012

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