Tweeting Amanda Foreman

Here are the tweets from Amanda Foreman’s lecture the second night of the Lincoln Forum (Saturday, 17 Nov).  Once again, they are in reverse order, so the first one is at the bottom of the post and the last one is at the top:

Albert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

AF: Adoration of southern charm surely continues.  #LincolnF2012

                    AF: When British people hear word Freedom Fighter they lose their minds. S. called selves freedom fighters. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: S was morally fashionable which meant it was a miracle the EP was able to change support. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Most undergrads/academics/novelists/theatre supported S. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: British reaction complex. 1st hypocrisy, 2nd gradual turn toward N; 3rd S couldn’t answer slavery question #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Dunimore assured Mason opportunity for recognition truly lost. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:Friend of Mason said Palmerston said this only to forestall confed request for recognition. Of course it had been obstacle. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Mason didn’t want to mention it but waited til end of meeting. Palmerston replied slavery never an obstacle. #LincolnF2012

                    Mason met w/ Palmerston 14 Mar 65. Mason shocked when learned JD willing to emancipate to get recognition. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Maury said there is no love of south here. No hope for recognition. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Maury realized EP had struck at heart of confed support in Britain. #LincolnF2012
17 NovAlbert MackeyAlbert Mackey‏@AlbertMackey1

                    AF: Even holdout S supporters not necessarily advocating change in British policy. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Spence saw it wouldn’t change momentum toward N. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Clubs set up to distribute confed material in N. England. Private thugs broke up abolitionist meetings. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Editorials demanding recognition every other day arranged by Spence. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Confeds had to turn to more outrageous methods to gain support. Waterloo station placarded w/ posters w/ confed flag. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Confed tried to finesse slavery question, enough to convince James Spence to propagandize for them. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Mason & Slidell concealed S support for slavery to gain support in England. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Tories tried to extract from Mason pledge S would renounce slavery after independence. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Address to Christians of World signed by 96 ministers in Richmond urged protest against EP. Failed to stem tide. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Benjamin forced to fire Spence as official financial representative in England. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Spence so inspired convinced S should issue one of their own. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Growing sense N committed to emancipation had as much effect on S. supporters as on N. supporters. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Proclamation finally succeeded in making common cause w/ united America. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Jeff Davis silence on slavery question now spoke volumes. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Lincoln scored propaganda coup by sending letter to Working Men of Manchester. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Henry Adams uplifted by seeing emancipation meetings. Politiciansn  have to follow constituents or risk being overthrown. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Emancipation meeting held throughout; 4-5 / wk, up to 5,000 people there, feelings almost unanimous toward North #LincolnF2012

                    AF: At church vicar announced during prayers our hearts are w/ north, answered w/ deep Amen from congregation. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Numerous applications to fight for north in America. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  As there were no massacres spawned Brit public opinion began to swing toward approval of the EP. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: No echo in cabinet or throughout the land. Cabinet agreed England should remain neutral. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Lord Mayor of London got cheers when mentioning ties btw city & south. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Gladstone thought blacks closer to emancipation under southern nation than in US. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  1867 Gladstone admitted mistake. Had imbibed erroneously opinion 24 million northerners happier & stronger w/o south #LincolnF2012

                    AF: 7 Oct Day after EP printed Gladstone gave speech in New Castle No doubt Jeff Davis & others made an army, navy, nation. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Gladstone convinced crisis at hand. Disgust w/ apparent hypocrisy of EP #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Effect on British Cabinet, already debating if they had moral duty to stop conflict was almost devastating. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Lincoln accused of inciting slaves to kill their masters & families. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  EP depicted as ploy to foment race riots or force confed soldiers to return home to protect families. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Radical MP Richard Condon said Federal leaders not equal to occasion. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: British knew little of US Constitution’s limitations, unable to appreciate problems of President. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Even pro-Northern supporters couldn’t understand why Lincoln allowed border states to keep slaves. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Reports of slaughter at Antietam shocked British.  EP widely denounced as sinful & desperate ploy. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Potts used every opportunity to say war was about independence not slavery. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Both sections of US are negro hating and negro crushing.–Gladstone. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: If this were between slavery & freedom not a man would hesitate over which side to take–Gladstone.  #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Gladstone in Manchester 1862 revealed extent to which ambiguity over slavery benefited South over North. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Lincoln’s rebuke of Fremont’s proclamation had negative effect in Britain. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Important as cotton is, it is not King in Europe.  Antislavery is universal.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin read & believed — Yancey #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Even so, there was no change at all in British policy. #LincolnF2012

                    EP actually provided ammunition to critics who accused Lincoln of hypocrisy. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  Even 2 biggest supporters in Parliament convinced Lincoln made mistake in inaugural. #LincolnF2012

                    AF: English reaction far more complicated than CF Adams allowed.  #LincolnF2012

                    AF: Confeds gained support when Britons learned Lincoln had promised not to interfere w/ slavery in his inaugural. #LincolnF2012

                    Revelation by WH Russell that south hoped to exploit ties w/ descriptions of slave life led to outrage in Britain. #LincolnF2012

                    AF:  At first confederates benefited most. #LincolnF2012

AF: Less well known is controversy it attracted abroad.  Both sides tried to use it as a propaganda tool.

                    AF: It’s well known how much controversy surrounded Lincoln’s Preliminary EP after Antietam.  #LincolnF2012

 With the entirety I think it’s possible to get the main points of the presentation and to follow what she was saying.  What do you think?


  1. Here were my own thoughts on Foreman’s book.
    My editor would not let me use the other picture of her in the review, unfortunately.

    1. Thanks for the comment and the review, Patrick. I hope you don’t mind the slight edit to maintain the familly friendliness of the blog. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your review. Dr. Foreman is really sweet in person, and she brought her family (and the family dog) with her to the symposium. It was really neat seeing the kids’ reactions after spending time on the battlefield.

  2. That’s what great about seeing these folks in person.

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