This is part of the second day of the battle.  Tim Smith and Garry Adelman team up again for this battle walk.

You’ve heard it before.  Perhaps you’ve even used the term.  “That’s revisionist history!” “Those people are revising history!” “S/He’s a revisionist!”  People who use that term talk like it’s a bad thing to revise history.  Is it? I think we need to start first with understanding what we’re talking about by “history.”  I like to […]

This is Ari Kelman’s book on the memory of the Sand Creek Massacre.  This book has justly won the 2014 Bancroft Prize from Columbia University and the 2014 Avery O. Craven Award from the Organization of American Historians.  The prose is wonderful and the book details the story of how the Sand Creek Massacre National […]

The final day of this year’s Sacred Trust lectures at Gettysburg National Military Park began with Brian Steel Wills speaking on “The Fates of Gettysburg.”  This was basically about Major General William Dorsey Pender.  It’s always a pleasure listening to Brian, and this was no exception, though he does tend to go out on tangents.  […]

Saturday, July 5 started off with Ranger John Heiser and “The Great Reunion of 1913.”  John started off by telling us that the Spanish-American War actually reunited the country.  Former confederates served with former union soldiers against a common enemy, and afterward the US became an international power.  The 50th Anniversary of the Battle of […]

Ranger Matt Atkinson is one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable folks you’ll find on the battlefield.  It’s really a pleasure to learn from him.

Pretty dumb, apparently. Brooks Simpson has highlighted this on his blog already. Over at The Gift That Keeps On Giving, one erstwhile member posted this item from another neoconfederate genius. Notice the comment at the top from Mr. Miller:  “I realize this will be explained away as either a free man, or one of Mary’s […]


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