When you visit Gettysburg, if you haven’t already done so I highly recommend the Cyclorama.  It’s a wonderful experience.  To give you a taste of it, here’s a video by Lynn Heller of the Gettysburg Civil War Round Table giving us some close-ups of various parts of the painting.  This is really neat.

This was a terrific battle walk conducted by Ranger Troy Harman.  Starting in the National Cemetery parking lot, he took us on a walk all around Cemetery Hill and talked about some of the measures the Union forces took to protect that vital terrain. Our first stop was along Long Lane to the west of […]

… of many, of course. With apologies to The Gipper, famous for: One problem with neoconfederates is that so much of what they think they know is just hogwash.  Unlike President Reagan’s reference, though, neoconfederates are also ignorant, but let’s focus on the hogwash they think they know for now. Let’s look at this example […]

This is a battle walk with Ranger Karlton Smith.  Karlton is very knowledgeable and dedicated to giving us the full story of what happened to this division on July 2.

Cinema is a powerful medium.  Objectively, we know we’re watching a movie, but what we see and hear can make us believe.  Movies, though, are made primarily for entertainment and not for information.  Movies are made by people who are experts at entertaining us, not by people who are experts in history.  In many cases […]

This is part of the second day of the battle.  Tim Smith and Garry Adelman team up again for this battle walk.

You’ve heard it before.  Perhaps you’ve even used the term.  “That’s revisionist history!” “Those people are revising history!” “S/He’s a revisionist!”  People who use that term talk like it’s a bad thing to revise history.  Is it? I think we need to start first with understanding what we’re talking about by “history.”  I like to […]


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