This is an excellent presentation by historian Edward Ayers.  He analyzes the impact of the war on Virginia civilians through 1862, and he focuses on the Seven Days Campaign and discusses its effects on the course of the Civil War and Emancipation.  The Seven Days Campaign’s impact has been poorly understood for the most part, […]

Kevin Levin has been on top of the story out of Washington & Lee University regarding a group of black law students who issued demands to the university.  You can see his first post covering this as well as the letter sent by the group here along with a very spirited discussion in the comments section.  […]

Hat tip to Kevin Levin. This is Gary Gallagher speaking in the Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University on October 12, 2009. This may burst some cherished beliefs.

This was Jeffry D. Wert’s first book.  It covers Sheridan’s Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864.  The book is packed with facts and details, along with very cogent historical analysis. Wert starts off with an overview of the situation in the spring and summer of 1864.  He makes the point that “The politics of 1864, therefore, were […]

This is Douglas Egerton delivering a lecture on “Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and the Election that Brought on the Civil War.”  This lecture is from March 24, 2011 and was delivered at the Virginia Historical Society. This is an outstanding presentation.  I’m sure you’ll love it.

This was a presentation by Joseph Whitehorne, Professor Emeritus of History at Lord Fairfax Community College, given at the Bridgewater College Civil War Institute on March 29, 2014. Grant was formally notified in late February that he was going to be the General-in-Chief of Union armies.  One of the first things he did was to […]

This is a lecture given by historian Daniel Crofts on March 3, 2011 at the Virginia Historical Society.  In it, he recounts the “Diary of a Public Man,” published in four installments by the North American Review in 1879.  He places the diary in its historical context and identifies the author as journalist Stephen Hurlbut […]


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