I’ve discovered a great new podcast and show on NPR called “1A,” which takes its name from the First Amendment. You can find their website here. Host Joshua Johnson does a terrific job in preparing for the broadcast and questioning his guests on the issues for the broadcast. One of the shows so far has […]

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. This evening, we saw this story about an email sent by Trump’s personal lawyer, John Dowd. He claims Black Lives Matter has been infiltrated by terrorists. In his email he says, “You cannot be against General Lee and be for General Washington. There literally is no difference between […]

The white supremacist terrorists in Charlottesville had as their purported goal the “saving” of the Robert E. Lee monument in that city. The result of their hatred and terrorism may well be an accelerated removal of many more confederate monuments. As we see in this story, across the country confederate monuments are rapidly gaining more […]

This can happen. Protesters pull down Confederate statue at old Durham County courthouse I don’t agree with mob action. I think the police should have stopped this. I think the perpetrators should be identified and prosecuted. But I also think big government in the state capital ought to stay out of what should be a […]

After being scolded by the odious David Duke of KKK fame and being reminded whose support was so crucial to his election, Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference today [August 15, 2017] and defended the actions of Nazi terrorists in Charlottesville over the weekend. According to Trump, “But there is another side. There was a group […]

Some white supremacists rallied in Gettysburg this summer on July 1, 2017. They came heavily armed. To refresh your memory, these people showed up because there was a rumor on social media that the group Antifa planned to come to Gettysburg to desecrate confederate graves. To show the level of knowledge of this group, there […]

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when the SCV comes out on the side of the white supremacist terrorists [besides not knowing the difference between “insight” and “incite” or the plural of “arrest”]. After all, their ancestors perpetrated white supremacist terrorism during Reconstruction. This is also the group that aligned themselves with the white supremacist […]