Here’s Professor Joan Waugh of UCLA speaking at the 2016 Lincoln Forum on Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox. The video’s description reads, “Joan Waugh talked about how Union General Ulysses S. Grant conducted the surrender at Appomattox and sought to foster an atmosphere of reconciliation with the defeated Confederates. She argued that Grant, […]

Here’s a nice panel discussion on factors involved in teaching the history of the Underground Railroad. The panel consists of Matt Pinsker of Dickinson College, Spencer Crew of George Mason University, and Timothy Westcott of Park University. The video’s description reads, “Historians talked about some on the most common misconceptions about the Underground Railroad and […]

Here’s Matt Atkinson giving his normal outstanding performance talking about James Longstreet’s countermarch on July 2, 1863. The video’s description reads, “In one of the more controversial moments of the battle of Gettysburg, Confederate General James Longstreet’s men did not attack until mid-afternoon on July 2. This delay possibly cost victory for the Confederacy. Join […]

Look at most histories of the Civil War era and you will probably see a claim that the North had an industrialized society whereas the South was primarily an agricultural society. How true is that? Here’s what the Census has to say about the South: Definitely a primarily agricultural reason, right? Now, let’s take a […]

I’ve touched on this before in other posts. See here, here, here, and here. In an effort to minimize the importance of slavery, modern neoconfederates will focus on the percentage of slave owners in the United States and say that because it was very low, the confederates could not have been fighting to preserve slavery. […]

The discussion over confederate monuments in Charlottesville, VA made it to CBS News this past week. You can see the written story here. I find a couple things interesting. First, those who purport to favor local control over being controlled by a more centralized government have no problem with the centralized state government overruling a […]

Fake news is in the public eye quite a bit these days. Here we’re going to consider some fake history. The first is Confederate History Month, also known to some as Fake History Month. Fake Confederate History Month is a relatively new beast, with its origin being traced to the 1990s with the first Fake […]