With the renewed movement against confederate iconography has come renewed defenses of those symbols. The defenders of those symbols are forced into a whitewashing and fallacious thinking in order to make their case. Here’s one example. The author makes the patently ridiculous claim that, “The campaign against Confederate heritage is really a campaign against American […]

AKA, the Trump Administration. The latest idiocy comes from Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke in this story. Zinke hits the dummy trifecta in this story. We have this part first: ” ‘Where do you start and where do you stop? … If you’re a native Indian, I can tell you, you’re not very happy […]

Here’s Kristopher White at the 2017 Emerging Civil War Symposium speaking on the general topic of Civil War defenses. The video’s description reads, “Kristopher White talked about the views of early American military theorists on battle defense and how it was applied during the Civil War. He also spoke about how generals defended their actions during and […]

Here’s John Oliver of Last Week Tonight humorously taking on confederate monuments. Enjoy.

Here’s Professor Joan Waugh of UCLA giving the 2017 Richard Smith Lecture in Civil War History at Ohio Wesleyan University. She discusses the legacy of Ulysses S. Grant. This is a very good lecture.

The premiere of Season 4 of the ABC comedy, “Black-ish” featured some terrific numbers inspired by the brilliant musical, “Hamilton,” and an animated number by The Roots. This was really great.  

Here’s Colonel Ty Seidule of the West Point Department of History speaking at his alma mater, Washington and Lee University, about Robert E. Lee. The video’s description reads, “Constitution Day Speaker, Colonel Ty Seidule ’84 gives a public lecture ‘Robert E. Lee and Me: Reflections on Confederate Memory by a W&L Graduate, Soldier and Scholar.’ […]