Finding the Source: Jubal Early, the Lost Cause, and the Shaping of The Modern Historical Profession

This is a terrific conversation between Professor Peter Carmichael, Dr. Ashley Whitehead Luskey, and Professor Katy Shively on Jubal Early and the lost cause lie and how they affected the historiography of the Civil War.

The video’s description reads, “Arguably one of the most influential forces in the shaping of Civil War memory and the Confederacy’s postwar legacy, General Jubal Early remains a fascinating, if not confounding, figure for his roles both on and off the battlefield, as historical actor and ‘historian’ in his own right. Join CWI’s Peter Carmichael and Ashley Luskey for our latest installment of the Civil War Institute’s ‘Finding the Source,’ featuring Professor Katy Shively (Virginia Commonwealth University), as Dr. Shively unpacks the complexities behind one of the chief architects of the Confederate ‘Lost Cause,’ how and why it held such sway in American memory, and how its construction helped shape the modern historical profession.”

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