The Anti-Americanism in Confederate Heritage

Yet another anti-American scum of the confederate heritage movement has reared his ugly head.

This has been posed in several confederate heritage groups.  You can count how many people have posted any protests against his statements by using no hands.  And in this case it received a favorable comment.




If any confederate heritage type is opposed to this garbage, they can let their voice be heard.  The fact that they haven’t done so since this was posted indicates they agree with the sentiment.  These people hate the United States.  They are disgusting and deserve no respect.


  1. jfepperson · · Reply

    This is a point that needs repeating, and then some more repeating.

  2. Paul Schneider · · Reply

    “scum of the confederate heritage movement ”

    And you think this isn’t an insult? You don’t even follow your own rules of commenting. No wonder you support the yankee empire. They didn’t follow rules, either.

    1. You should ensure you understand the rules before you make incorrect assertions. The rules of commenting apply to those who comment here. Just like anyone else does in their own homes, I will make correct and blunt assessments. If Mr. Manning would like to comment here, I would treat him well and ensure that no one else commenting would insult him. Just as I won’t allow anyone else commenting to insult you.

  3. I regards to Vicksburg and US savagery, there was a confederate army in Vicksburg,you can’t hide behind women and children then cry about the poor civilians. What did the rebel leaders think was going to happen when they fired on United States troops at Sumter.

  4. Walter Ring · · Reply


    1. Sorry, Mr. Ring, but I won’t allow neo-Nazi racist propaganda posted here. In addition, your use of profanity violates the rules for making comments on this site.

      You should also know I’ve reported the use of their internet connection for sending neo-Nazi propaganda to the Chesterfield County, Virginia Public School District.

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