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Partners in Command

This book by Professor Joseph T. Glatthaar starts out as a fairly conventional study with the standard interpretations of individuals such as Abraham Lincoln and George B. McClellan, but as we get into it we see it has some additional nuggets that make it worthwhile. In describing the book, Dr. Glatthaar writes, “As American military […]

Gordon Rhea on A House Divided. S. 2 ep. 17

Here’s Gordon Rhea appearing on the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop’s “Author’s Voice” talking about his book, On to Petersburg, which ends his series on the Overland Campaign. The video’s description reads, “Here is part of the interview with Gordon Rhea by Bjorn Skaptason, originally live streamed on November 1, 2017. Unfortunately, the first half of the […]

1863 Tullahoma Campaign

Here’s Chris Kolakowski of the Emerging Civil War blog speaking on the Tullahoma Campaign of 1863. The video’s description reads, “Author Chris Kolakowski talked about the 1863 Tullahoma Campaign in Tennessee. He argued that the power struggles between the Confederate leaders in the Army of Tennessee resulted in their unpreparedness for battle. This talk was part […]

Confederate General James Longstreet at Gettysburg

Here’s Cory Pfarr talking about James Longstreet during the Battle of Gettysburg. The video’s description reads, “Author Cory Pfarr gave a detailed reassessment of Confederate General James Longstreet’s oft-criticized performance during the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg. Mr. Pfarr argued that Longstreet’s post-war politics — joining the party of Lincoln and advocating for reconciliation with the […]

Commanding the Army of the Potomac

This book by Stephen R. Taaffe looks at the various commanders of the Army of the Potomac beginning with George B. McClellan. Although not the commander of the Army of the Potomac, Taaffe ends with Ulysses S. Grant as general-in-chief of United States armies because of the great influence he exerted over the army. Taaffe […]

The Great Partnership

Here’s Dr. Christian Keller delivering a lecture at the National Archives based on his new book about Lee and Jackson. It’s a fine presentation, but there were a couple things he claimed that I flat out don’t think are right. He claimed the Anaconda Plan was followed. It wasn’t. In the Q&A, he claimed Lee […]

George H. Thomas and Nathan Bedford Forrest

Here’s Professor Brian Steel Wills of Kennesaw State University delivering a typically wonderful presentation. This one compares Union General George H. Thomas and confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest. The video’s description reads, “Kennesaw State University Civil War Center Director Brian Wills compared the careers and leadership styles ofUnion General George Henry Thomas and Confederate General Nathan Bedford […]