In Depth: Allen Guelzo

Here’s Professor Allen C. Guelzo discussing Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, the Battle of Gettysburg, and other Civil War topics.

The video’s description reads, “Author and historian Allen Guelzo joined Book TV to talk and take calls about the early intellectual history of the United States, the Civil War, the Reconstruction era, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and more. Mr. Guelzo, who has taught at Harvard and Princeton, serves as a board member of the Abraham Lincoln Association and as a senior research scholar at Princeton University. His many books include ‘Redeeming the Great Emancipator,’ ‘Gettysburg,’ and his latest ‘Robert E. Lee: A Life,’ a biography of the general who commanded the Confederate Army during the Civil War.”


  1. Pat Young · · Reply

    I have not mentioned that opportunist since his star turn attacking America’s history teachers during Donald Trump’s campaign stunt 1776 conference right before the election. The other speakers were a bunch of hacks from Hillsdale college shilling their sanitized history books. Guelzo was the only real academic and he disgraced himself by demonizing the high school history educators whose students wind up in his own classes.

    1. I didn’t read his comments as attacking teachers, Pat. I also don’t see him as any more an opportunist than anyone else.

  2. hankc9174 · · Reply

    guelzo didnt impact my mind until about 5 years ago .

    at that moment, my opinion, based solely on the opinions of others , was negative .

    thanks to this blog , i watched a lecture which i found informative . searching for others on youtube and c-span I found him to be engaging and insightful .

    1. Thanks for commenting, Hank. Dr. Guelzo is an excellent scholar, and I haven’t seen his political opinions impinge on his scholarship. Many folks are negative toward him because he’s a conservative and because he appeared on the 1776 Panel one time without looking at what he’s writing.

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