Booknotes Podcast Ep. 39 Ty Seidule, “Robert E. Lee and Me”

In this podcast, host Brian Lamb of C-SPAN interviews BGEN (Ret) Ty Seidule about his book, Robert E. Lee and Me.

The podcast description reads, “‘Many people don’t want to believe that the citizens of the Southern states were willing to fight and die to preserve the morally repugnant institution of slavery. There has to be another reason, we are told. Well, there isn’t.’ Those are the words of retired Southern-born Army general Ty Seidule, who taught at West Point for two decades. Gen. Seidule, author of ‘Robert E. Lee and Me,’ grew up revering Confederate general Robert E. Lee and believing in the Lost Cause, but eventually grew to view Confederate soldiers, including Lee, as ‘traitors for slavery.’ He joined us to talk about his transformation and the reaction he received when he made his views public.”

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