Where is the Intellectual Ammunition?

Photo by the author

I’m often asked where aspiring students of the war can find source material they can use to counter neoconfederate liars. I believe these books can give you an excellent start. They are not the be-all and end-all, and there are plenty of other books that are useful, but these will give you a core understanding and some really excellent intellectual ammunition to counter the lies neoconfederates try to peddle.


  1. Anne Peasley · · Reply

    Have you read How the South Won the Civil War, by Heather Cox Richardson? I think she does a fine job exposing the crusade to change history.

    1. I have not read it yet, but I know Professor Richardson is an outstanding historian. Thanks for bringing up her work.

  2. […] where Americans “get their history.” It is not from scholarly books. He also has a very short set of suggestions for books for those hoping to counter NeoConfederate […]

  3. […] Mackey makes book suggestions for those who want the intellectual ammunition to counter Lost Cause […]

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