U.S. Army General (Ret.) Ty Seidule’s Mission to Rename Military Bases May Be His Ultimate Battle Against the Lost Cause

Here’s an outstanding discussion with BG Ty Seidule on the podcast “Ice House,” from the NY Stock Exchange. They discuss GEN Seidule’s book, Robert E. Lee and Me, and the issue of renaming Army bases named for confederates as well as the lost cause lie.

The episode’s description reads, “Brigadier General Ty Seidule (Ret.), a member of the DoD’s commission reviewing bases and other military instillations bearing names linked to the Confederacy, explains what’s in a name. Seidule, the former head of the history department at West Point and author of Robert E. Lee and Me, a Southerner’s Reckoning with the Myth of the Lost Cause, is cutting through the mythology that he grew up surrounded by to reveal a legacy of racism and inequality that the nation needs to repair.”

You can access the podcast here.


  1. Nancy Abbott · · Reply

    I listened to this the last time you posted it andI’m sitting on my beautiful porch in the morning sipping coffee getting ready to listen again. I would live to meet this lovely insightful man!Thanks for posting it. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

    1. Thank you for commenting, Nancy. He is an impressive individual and very friendly in person.

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