Allen Guelzo on Robert E. Lee (Lincoln Log Podcast)

Here’s a really good discussion with Professor Allen C. Guelzo, sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Association.

The video’s description reads, “Allen Guelzo, Senior Research Scholar in the Council of the Humanities at Princeton University and Director of the James Madison Program’s Initiative in Politics and Statesmanship, discusses his forthcoming book on Robert E. Lee.”


  1. Charlie · · Reply

    I wanted to know your thoughts about his views on Lee monuments. I don’t necessarily agree, but I don’t think his ideas are absurd. He says that if that person on the monument did not harm someone today, then it’s a marker and doesn’t accomplish much by taking it down. He doesn’t say anything about what black people think about Lee and how issues around the lost cause, jim crow, and the like factor in on all of this.

    1. My personal opinion is if the monument no longer reflects the values of the community in which it is located, then the community is justified in taking it down.

  2. I have read half a dozen books by Guelzo, never letting his politics get in the way of appreciating his writing. I am having a hard time putting his dangerous antics last year aside now.

    1. I’m not so sure he did any dangerous antics, Pat.

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