First Lady Eliza Johnson

This is the episode of C-SPAN’s First Ladies series covering Eliza Johnson, wife of Andrew Johnson.

The video’s description reads, ”

Jacqueline Berger and Kendra Hinkle talked about the life and influence of first lady Eliza Johnson and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. President Johnson, who served in a tumultuous time during Reconstruction and after President Lincoln’s assassination, was most noted as the first president to be impeached despite a long career. Topics included Mrs. Johnson’s role in his career, their family, and their hardships during the Civil War. Her ill health was a major issue and her daughters served as the White House hostesses. A video clip was shown of the Yellow Oval Room from the documentary The White House: Inside America’s Most Famous Home and video clips were shown from the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site in Greeneville, Tennessee. This was the tenth presentation in the C-SPAN series ‘First Ladies: Influence and Image.’ ”

They are a bit too positive about Andrew Johnson. I can’t say I like their take on Reconstruction and the Radical Republicans.

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