Confederate Monuments

Here’s a pretty good conversation on confederate monuments from the 2019 Lincoln Forum featuring Harold Holzer and Professors Gary Gallagher, Elizabeth Varon, and Edna Greene Medford.

The video’s description reads, “Civil War scholars Gary Gallagher, Edna Greene Medford, and Elizabeth Varon discussed the current debate surrounding Confederate monuments. They offered their ideas on how to display and preserve them, and provide historical context to the public. Lincoln Forum chair Harold Holzer moderated the panel at their annual symposium.”

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  1. Chris Barry · · Reply

    4 great historians. Dr.Elizabeth Varon, whose books about Appomattox and the purpose of the Northern war effort I have read fairly recently, is so , so good. I am thrilled to hear she is researching a book on Longstreet, which you have to watch the whole video to hear about! Thanks as always for sharing this.

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