Searching for Black Confederates

Here’s Kevin Levin talking about how dependent the confederate army was on enslaved labor and how enslaved men were used by the confederates in supporting roles but were not soldiers.

The video’s description reads, “For decades, there have been claims that enslaved African Americans fought willingly on the side of the Confederates during the Civil War. In his book, Search for Black Confederates, Kevin Levin explained the role African American played on both side during the war and where the myth of the black confederates came from.”


  1. Lying Liar · · Reply

    Odd how you two have so much trouble finding them. Of course Mr Levin also claims Sherman’s march had no victims.

    There is no shortage of archival photos and footage of black Confederates. Some fake, but most are genuine.

    1. It never fails. A neoconfederate will always pop up to remind us they are ignorant, lying, racist idiots. There is no shortage of photographs of former slaves, but there is a distinct shortage of photographs of black confederates. Next you’ll tell us they loved slavery so much they fought to keep themselves enslaved.

    2. when that article appeared, i commented in the hope of adding some facts.

      the thread disappeared into the typical rabbit-hole of neo-confederate delusion.

  2. I read Mr. Lewen’s book late last year. Highly recommended.

  3. *Mr. Levin, sorry.

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