18 Ways to Have Different Class (or Group) Discussions

This post is an excellent resource for teachers to use to stimulate and facilitate student participation in discussions. If you’re a teacher, you may want to try some of these ideas.

Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations

The following outlines various techniques I use when teaching to enhance or change discussion-based activities. I’ll update it as necessary. I’ve had a number of students say they enjoy my classes in part because they never know what we’ll be doing that day! 

1. Bring out the maps. Have students draw maps and discuss their perceptions. Also, have students pin-point where events occurred and where people lived. When I taught Texas History, I had one group discussing an article about a woman who gave lectures throughout the entire state. They pinpointed these places on a map. Internalizing “where” things occur is important for students and their understanding. Occasionally, map quizzes can make for important lessons, too.

2. Make timelines. Have students make timelines based on lecture or reading topics, while also researching and adding context both in the same region/state/nation and elsewhere in the world.

3. Edit Wikipedia. I did…

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