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1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign

Here’s Scott Patchan giving a great presentation on the 1864 Shenandoah Campaign to the Mosby Heritage Area Association. The video’s description reads, “Civil War scholar Scott Patchan talked about operations in the Shenandoah Valley during July and August 1864. Following a Confederate advance on Washington D.C. under Major General Jubal Early, Union and Confederate forces engaged in skirmishes […]

The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Emancipation

This book by the late Professor David Brion Davis completes his trilogy on the problem of slavery in society. A major finding of his trilogy is, “if the Southerners had achieved independence y winning or avoiding the [Civil] war, or by British and French intervention, it is clear that slavery would have continued well into […]

The SCV Takes Possession of Racist Monuments Removed From Memphis Park

This story out of Tennessee tells us, “One of the most contentious fights in recent Memphis history is over. The confederate statues are now out of Shelby County. The Sons of Confederate veterans and the family of Nathan Bedford Forrest now have possession of the Forrest statue, as well as the Jefferson Davis monument. They […]

More on the Silent Sam Payola Scheme

There are some developments in the story of the payoff scheme between the University of North Carolina and the Sons of Confederate Veterans regarding the Silent Sam statue formerly on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. Here’s an article by Dr. Derrick Matthews of the Gillings School of Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill. He says, “Last December, I […]

1862 Battle of Antietam

Here’s my friend, Ranger Dan Vermilya, giving a great lecture on the Battle of Antietam. The video’s description reads, “Author Daniel Vermilya discussed the facts and myths surrounding the Civil War’s bloodiest day of battle. He drew on research from his book, That Field of Blood: The Battle of Antietam. The Pry House Field Hospital Museum, part of the […]

[Some] Sons of Confederate Veterans members oppose $2.5 million Silent Sam reward

This article from The Daily Tar Heel provides us some surprising news. We learn, “Internal conflict has intensified within the North Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans Inc. since its questionable settlement with the UNC System weeks ago.” While Kevin Stone of the North Carolina SCV called the settlement “a major strategic victory,” the article tells us, […]

Justice Joseph Bradley and the Fourteenth Amendment

This is Professor Pamela Brandwein of the University of Michigan’s Political Science Department speaking about Justice Joseph Bradley and his dissent in the Slaughterhouse Cases and his view of the 14th Amendment. The video’s description reads, “University of Michigan Politics Professor Pamela Brandwein discussed Justice Bradley’s dissent in the Slaughterhouse Cases, which concerned New Orleans butchers’ right […]

The Appreciation and Authentication of Civil War Timepieces

This is a book by my friend, Clint Geller. Reading this book opened up a whole new world of history to me. He tells us, “The American Civil War hastened an ongoing transformation in watchmaking from a craft primarily serving privileged elites to a mass-manufacturing industry providing reliable timekeepers to the multitude of ordinary citizens. […]

The 1619 Project

The New York Times began this project this past August to mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans at Jamestown, Virginia. According to the Times, “the project aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very […]

Slavery hard to teach in ‘Cotton State’ of Alabama, elementary educators say

We have this article regarding the problems teachers have teaching slavery in Alabama. According to the article, “Hilary Green has guided about 4,500 people through an alternate campus tour elevating the stories and experiences of the enslaved men, women and children who contributed to the prosperity of the University of Alabama. Luna. Ben. Neal. During the excursion, […]