2019 Civil War Institute Day Four

Monday, June 17, was the day for our tours at other battlefields. I chose “Stonewall Jackson at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville,” led by Greg Mertz of the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.

As you might expect, we saw Jackson’s position at Fredericksburg as well as his movements at Chancellorsville and the spot where he was wounded.

One place we stopped was Moss Neck Manner, which in the winter of 1862-63 was the home of the Corbin family, and where Jackson met five-year-old Jane Corbin.

This relationship was depicted in the movie, Gods and Generals.

We were also able to see the spot where Jackson and Lee last met.

We topped it off with a visit to Guinea Station and the “Stonewall Jackson Shrine,” which is the house where Jackson died.

It was a terrific tour. Greg was an outstanding tour leader and was extremely knowledgeable.


  1. MaryDee · · Reply

    Thank you so much for covering the CWI for us, especially for summarizing the sessions you attended which were not recorded. Living on the other side of the country and with restricted travel due to age, I truly appreciate being able to “attend” at least some of the sessions.

    I personally dislike concurrent sessions because most of the time I want to attend all of them!

    The surprise ending of the talk on John Brown’s pikes was a real shocker! It shouldn’t have been, but most of us think of that person as a peaceful nature writer!

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it, Mary. I’ve previously mentioned to Peter that they should film all the sessions and sell DVDs of the conference. They could make a lot of money on that. This way we wouldn’t miss the concurrent sessions.

  2. MaryDee · · Reply

    I would certainly buy those DVDs!

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