It’s Impossible to Overstate the Stupidity of Confederate Heritage People

Do you think that statement is over the top?

Feast your eyes on this gem from a confederate heritage idiot:

And what did this moron claim when posting this? “Any plan of gradual, compensated emancipation would have been welcomed, as it was in every other country that ended slavery in the Western Hemisphere. But having it forced upon us, when it was well-known immediate emancipation had been employed by the British to incite insurrection in the 1st Revolution?”

In another area of the internet another proconfederate idiot posts the following lies: “It was the oppression of the Northern States that forced a reluctant South to leave. Import tariffs-the South bore the brunt of it. Excessive export tariffs on cotton to fund the construction of Northern factories, suppression of Southern newspapers and Yankees throwing rocks and horse dung at visiting Southerners. This history is suppressed in favor of Treasury of Virtue.” We’ve dealt with the tariff lie a few times already in this blog. There were no export tariffs, of course, and the US Treasury didn’t fund the construction of factories. Also, there was no suppression of southern newspapers. Perhaps there was throwing rocks and horse dung at slave owners in the North attempting to kidnap blacks to bring south into slavery. But the rest of it is definitely a huge bunch of lies, which as we know is all confederate heritage people have.

This is proof these idiots have no clue about history and don’t really care to learn anything about history. They simply make things up and go with whatever makes them feel good. What’s really scary is these morons vote.


  1. I pointed out on some other sites that neo-Confederates appear to know nothing about what happened in the 1850s or what was the major issue being debated in the election of 1860.I have seen nothing to change my mind. Have any “heritage idiots” ever posted anything about what happened during the years leading up to Lincoln’s election?
    Here is what was in a newspaper article found in “Presidential Campaigns” by Paul F. Boller. on page 124, In an editorial addressed to “Negro” voters in North Carolina, “If your state and her sister states had not seceded from the Union you would not have been free…If you are indebted to any party or power for your liberty… you are indebted to the Southern people. In view of these facts which of the two parties has the greatest claim on you for your support? The Democratic Party!” From John Hope Franklin “Election of 1868”. It looks to me that the gr-gr great grand dads of the modern day “heritage idiots” at least made an effort to come up with some concocted logic to defend their point of view.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Pat. It seems the stupidity and intellectual dishonesty are genetic. 🙂

  2. Not all stupid people are racists, but all racists are stupid. These nuts don’t care anything about history except to the extent they can weaponize it, but they usually do that badly.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sean. I agree.

  3. and a benevolent Lee paused at Amelia Court House so he could surrender sooner, and free the slaves early.

    i get it now 😉

    1. There you go. 🙂

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