Great Conversations at Gettysburg 2019

This is the replacement for the popular Sacred Trust lectures.

This year’s Great Conversations at Gettysburg, held at the Rupp House on Baltimore Street and sponsored by the Gettysburg Foundation in partnership with Gettysburg College, will be on Saturday, June 29. Admission is free.

Here’s the lineup:

9 a.m.
Michael Birkner, Ph.D.
Gettysburg College
Worst President Ever? Getting to Know James Buchanan, Again.

10 a.m.
Ronald D. Kirkwood, Author
Too Much for Human Endurance: Civilians to the Rescue at the George Spangler Farm Hospital in Gettysburg

11 a.m.
Wayne Motts, CEO
National Civil War Museum
Old and Dear Friends: What We Know About Lewis Armistead and Winfield Hancock

2 p.m.
Cory Pfarr, Author
Longstreet at Gettysburg

3 p.m.
Winona Peterson, Cultural Resource Program Manager
Gettysburg National Military Park
How the National Park Service Cares for Our Parks: An In-Depth Look at the Warfield House

4 p.m.
Tracy V. Wilson & Holly Frey
Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast
Fearless, Feisty and Unflagging: The Women of Gettysburg

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