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The Other Gettysburg Address

This is an article by Fred Stripp, who was a faculty member of the Department of Speech, University of California, published in Volume 1, Issue 2 of the journal Civil War History, June, 1955. He begins, “Suppose you had lived in the United States of America from 1794 to 1865 and that Daniel Webster had likened […]

Confederates in the Attic

Originally posted on Student of the American Civil War:
This is a book by Tony Horwitz about his journey of discovery regarding the Civil War. The staff at the Gettysburg National Military Park conducted a discussion of this book over the month of January. We had a great discussion of the book. Each session was…

Civil War Talk Radio Civil War Memories: Contesting the Past in the United States since 1865

On this episode of Civil War Talk Radio, host Gerry Prokopowicz interviews British historian Robert J. Cook about his book, Civil War Memories: Contesting the Past in the United States since 1865. This is really an excellent interview and I’ve put this book on my list of books to get and read.

The Gleam of Bayonets

I recently reread this book by James Murfin. It covers the Maryland Campaign of 1862, centering on the Battle of Antietam. The book is dated, originally released in 1965, but it is one of what had been the few monographs that had been available on the battle. In his Foreword, Murfin wrote, “Lee invaded Maryland in […]

History as an Act of Faith

Here’s an interview with the late historian Kenneth M. Stampp from the 1980s. He gives some basic information about being a historian. This is from a PBS show called “The Open Mind.” You can access the video here.

When Georgia Howled: Sherman on the March

This is a documentary produced by the Atlanta History Center and Georgia Public Broadcasting. It’s really well done and  is an outgrowth of their earlier project, “37 Weeks.” The full documentary includes commentary from Dr. Todd Groce, Dr. Steve Davis, and Dr. Brian Steel Wills, all well regarded historians. You can access it here. I […]

Underground Railroad: The William Still Story

Here’s a PBS video on the Underground Railroad, centering on William Still, a prominent Pennsylvania African American who was a key member of the Underground Railroad. This is an excellent production. You can access the video here.

Sixteenth Maine at Gettysburg

This is a pretty good video from Maine Public Broadcasting on the 16th Maine at the Battle of Gettysburg. Their brave sacrifice on July 1, 1863 has become the stuff of legend. You can access the video here.

Bill Freehling-Did Lincoln’s Late Mistakes Make Civil War Unavoidable?

Here’s Professor William Freehling giving a nice lecture on the mistakes Abraham Lincoln made during the secession crisis leading up to the confederacy starting the war by firing on Fort Sumter and then the Upper South states deciding protection of slavery meant they had to enter the war on the side of the slaveholding states. […]

Landscape Turned Red

This book by Stephen Sears has been considered by many to be the best book on the Battle of Antietam. It’s certainly well written, and Mr. Sears did a lot of research for the book. Having read it several years ago, I had a very positive view of it. However, in recently rereading it after […]