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Return to Bull Run

This excellent book from John Hennessy is the best book on the Second Bull Run [Manassas] campaign in August of 1862. It’s deeply researched, well sourced, and engagingly written. It’s filled with terrific information, not just about the battle but about the participants as well. For example, we learn this about Union Major General John […]

The Historian’s Toolbox

This is a very useful book for students of history, though it’s designed for university undergraduates majoring in history. Even so, we students who have already been through college can find some good information in here. My copy is the first edition, and if I’m not mistaken it’s up to its third edition right now. […]

The Confederate Flag Is Still a Racist Symbol

We have this story out of Michigan (see also here). A group of racist dirtbags surrounded Bay City Western High School in Auburn, Michigan, with pickup trucks flying confederate flags. I guess there’s a good reason for the stereotype. They are there because the week before an African-American student allegedly took down a confederate flag […]

A Day in the Life of a Ranger

Here’s Ranger Zach Siggins giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a Gettysburg National Military Park Ranger. You can access it from this webpage. It’s a short video, but it’s also an interesting look at the varied tasks our rangers perform in the course of their day.

Some Southern Politicians Who Wouldn’t Know History If It Hit Them On the Head

Idiot politicians who happen to live in the South are at it again. Note, this is not all southern politicians, nor is idiocy limited to southern politicians. But this is about some idiots who happen to be southern politicians. In this story we hear about some idiot politicians in Tennessee who want to punish the […]

How Past Scholars Sustained White Supremacy

Students of the Civil War and Reconstruction eventually learn the historiography of the time period, and with that comes a familiarization with such scholars as Ulrich Bonnel Phillips [see also here and here] in slavery studies and William Archibald Dunning and his acolytes in Reconstruction studies [See the Dunning School]. We’ve previously discussed a little of this. […]

Post-Civil War Lost Cause Myth

Here’s Professor Keith Bohannon of the University of West Georgia teaching a class on the lost cause myth after the Civil War. He’s got some great information here. The video’s description reads, “University of West Georgia professor Keith Bohannon taught a class about what’s known as the ‘Lost Cause’ myth, the term given to the post-Civil War arguments […]