The Confederate Flag Is Still a Racist Symbol

We have this story out of Michigan (see also here). A group of racist dirtbags surrounded Bay City Western High School in Auburn, Michigan, with pickup trucks flying confederate flags. I guess there’s a good reason for the stereotype. They are there because the week before an African-American student allegedly took down a confederate flag from a white student’s pickup truck that was parked on school property. The racist white student protested to school officials, and he alleged they did nothing about it [good for them]. School was closed on Thursday, April 19, 2018 due to a threat to the school. “Superintendent Stephen Bigelow called off school after he was notified around 6 a.m. of rumors that people were coming to the high school to confront students.” Two days earlier, only six pickup trucks were involved, but more racists flocked to the school. “Six pickup trucks displayed Confederate flags Tuesday outside Bay City Western High School, but the demonstration swelled Wednesday to dozens of pickups bearing Confederate flags, Trump campaign flags, Punisher skull flags and Gadsden flags associated with the tea party movement.” The incident highlights racist problems the school has experienced recently. ” ‘It’s racism,’ said Kendrix Szilagyi, a student who organized a counter-protest. ‘We understand that (officials) can’t stop them but something needs to be done. We have such a small minority population of students and we’re in a conservative area. We’re a white-majority school. It’s making some of the students and people feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.’ The demonstration has brought national attention to claims of racist bullying at the school, where the handful of black students say they’ve been subjected to racial slurs and called ‘slave.’ ” The school is investigating racist harassment and threats made on social media platforms. Of course, we get the lie that it’s not a racial thing but merely a “southern pride” thing. Sure. ” ‘It’s not about racism, it’s a country boy thing,’ said Cameron Myers, who waved Confederate flag — and told a reporter the symbol has been present since the founding of the United States.” As usual, these idiots have no clue about actual history. ” ‘If we were going over there and saying racist slurs and cussing them out, that would be another thing.’ ” Think so? Well, “A Snapchat video taken by a Western student and shared with reporters show at least three students driving as they record the flag demonstration, and one teen mutters “[f-word]ing [n-word]s’ as on-screen text reads ‘Fly em high boys.’ ” So, Mr. Myers, is it “another thing” yet? The first story contains a good video showing the protest and a counterprotest group as well as racist idiots driving like the morons they are.

The grandmother of an African-American student tells us he was bullied by some racist students who had a confederate flag with them. She says, “He told me that this kid stuck the Confederate flag under (his) nose today and said, ‘Someone gave me five bucks to show you this,’ and just before that another student says to him, ‘Do slaves have feelings?’ And then uses his name, (that he) doesn’t have feelings.” His grandmother said he was even bullied by racist students who are fellow football players. “They were calling him the N-word.” She also said, “Everyday he goes to school with his stomach in knots not knowing if he’s going to be confronted with someone trying to push his buttons again today.”

“Kendall Frost, a 17-year-old junior, showed MLive screen shots of social media taunts by white classmates who say she and other black students ‘shouldn’t go to Western because of our skin tone.’ A Snapchat video taken by another student and shown to MLive shows at least students in a vehicle taking part in the flag demonstration swearing and using racial slurs. ‘We do believe in freedom of speech,’ said Frost, who said her car was blocked in by two trucks flying Confederate flags. ‘If that is how you want to react and go with your life, that’s on you, but there are racial comments coming with the flags being up. They’re not putting them up because they believe in anything — they’re putting them up because they know we don’t want them up.’ ”

According to this story, classes resumed on Friday with no confederate flags in sight. ” ‘School’s back in session and there’s nobody in the parking lot or even nearby, so that’s good,’ said Bay City Schools Superintendent Stephen C. Bigelow the morning of Friday, April 20. ‘There are no displays going on.’ ” Young Mr. Myers, quoted above, appears to have been the organizer of the racist display because it was his flag that was allegedly taken down. “Western student Cameron Myers has told The Bay City Times-MLive he was motivated to organize the displays in response to a Confederate flag of his being removed from his truck while parked on school property by a black female classmate the week prior. He declined to specify why he was motivated to have initially flown the flag from his truck. Myers asserted Frost had taken and torn his flag, something she denied. She said she had used her finger to write a mockingly derogatory phrase in the dirt of Myers’ truck in response to overhearing a friend of his use a racial slur. ‘I know I was wrong and I apologized for it,’ Frost said. ‘I should have handled my anger more differently.’ ”

Perhaps not everyone who flies the confederate flag is a racist, but at this point the burden of proof should be on them to prove they aren’t racists. Too many times, racists have used that flag as their go-to symbol, and its history is such that it has always been a racist symbol and will no doubt always be a racist symbol.



  1. Actually, the Confederate flag was around for over 1,000 years before the War Between the States. It is based on a St. Andrews Cross (first used by the Scots in early 9th century), only modified to reflect particular characteristics of the CSA.

    I thought I might learn something from these articles you write M.r Mackey, but since signing up to receive them, my inbox has been filled with hate & ignorance, emanating from YOU Mr. Mackey. You have an energetic zeal to sow hate and ignorance in the hearts of others.

    I am discontinuing my desire to be notified of anymore of your articles or responses to them, save to stay long enough to see if you will actually post this comment or not.

    I will pray for you Mr. Mackey, that your heart may be free from the hate that fills it now and that you would be filled with a desire to seek the truth and have sympathy, compassion and LOVE for those around you and to bring joy,peace and forgiveness into this world instead of fanning the flames of dissension, divisiveness and bitterness.

    1. Thanks for providing a real-life example of the stupidity of modern people who believe they “defend” the confederacy. The confederate flag was designed in 1861. That’s how long it was around. To use the lack of logic and the idiocy of your claim, we could say the United States flag was around when the first star or the first stripe was drawn and only modified for the uses of the United States.

      Some people are just incapable of learning. Others don’t learn because they refuse to learn. You can try to figure out which category is yours. Have a nice life.

  2. Begs the question of why the CBF in Michigan? (Though not really – the answer is obvious).

    1. Yes, it is. Racists everywhere understand what their symbol is.

  3. Jody Hoffman · · Reply

    These stupid racist kids are in some serious need of parental discipline but then I imagine that the parents are part of the problem. The kid that took the flag off another kids truck had no right to do that though, that started this. Just because you are offended by something doesn’t mean you have a right to take it or destroy it. People scream about tolerance but they are intolerant. It won’t be very long now before people are going to be shot and killed & then it will spread into other areas until there is war in the streets and over what?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jody. I agree with you completely.

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