Daina Ramey Berry, The Value of the Enslaved from Womb to Grave

In this episode of the “Ben Franklin’s World” podcast, host Liz Covart talks with historian Daina Ramey Berry of the University of Texas on the value of enslaved people. Whenever we hear how terrible slavery was, there’s always another aspect of it that shows its depravity, and this is no exception. This is an excellent discussion about how monetary values were placed on enslaved bodies, with women being valued for their ability to reproduce and thus increase the slave holdings of their owners while men were valued for their labor in the field.

You can access the podcast, along with links and other information, here.


One comment

  1. Thanks for covering Mrs. Ramey-Berry and her book. It was a haunting, yet informational read.

    I’m excited to have found your blog. 🙂

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