Monthly Archives: February 2018

A Reconstruction Roundup

There have been a few Reconstruction items published recently. Eric Foner has this article in the Slate Academy about black officeholders in South Carolina during Reconstruction. He tells us, ” Just a few years after the end of slavery, hundreds of black men throughout the South occupied positions of real political power at all levels. In some […]

Age of Jackson Podcast: Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made

This is a podcast by Daniel Gullotta, a Ph.D. student at Stanford University, interviewing and talking with historian Joshua D. Rothman of the University of Alabama. They discuss the late historian Eugene Genovese and his most famous book, Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made. They also discuss a little of the historiography of slavery. […]

History with David M. Rubenstein: A Conversation with Eric Foner

Here’s Eric Foner being interviewed by David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group. This is a terrific conversation. I never knew his father and his uncle were identical twins. The video’s description reads, “Join us for an evening with one of the country’s most prominent historians, Pulitzer Prize-winning Eric Foner, discussing his illustrious career including his […]

President Andrew Johnson’s Legacy

Here’s Professor Annette Gordon-Reed of Harvard University giving a presentation to the 2017 Lincoln Forum on Andrew Johnson, one of the worst presidents in our country’s history. This is a really good presentation. The video’s description reads, “Harvard University professor Annette Gordon-Reed talked about the legacy of Andrew Johnson, the nation’s 17th president who took office following Abraham Lincoln’s […]

Happy Birthday Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass, born a slave, didn’t know his actual birthday, so he chose February 14 as the date to celebrate. He didn’t know the exact year of his birth, but it was somewhere around 1818. That makes today his 200th birthday celebration day. In honor of that, here’s a powerful speech he gave on July […]

Dreams of Civil War Americans

Here’s Jonathan White of Christopher Newport University discussing dreams reported by Americans in the Civil War. This presentation is from the 2017 Lincoln Forum. The video’s description reads, “Author Jonathan White talked about the dreams of both soldiers and civilians during the American Civil War. He detailed the dreams of several individuals and reflected on the […]

Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton

Here’s Walter Stahr talking at the 2017 Lincoln Forum about Abraham Lincoln’s relationship with his Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton. This is a very good presentation. The video’s description reads, “Author Walter Stahr talked about the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and his Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, starting from when they first met as attorneys before the Civil War […]

Happy Birthday Abe

We haven’t celebrated Lincoln’s Birthday for decades, and instead roll up all the presidents in Presidents’ Day. But it’s worth taking the time to pause today and reflect on our nation’s greatest president. His wit is legendary, much of it self-deprecating. When a woman accused him of being two-faced, he replied, “Madam, if I had […]

Abraham Lincoln’s Friendships

Here’s another distinguished panel of historians at the 2017 Lincoln Forum, this time talking about Lincoln’s friendships. This is another good discussion. The video’s description reads, “Scholars talked about Abraham Lincoln’s friendships, both before and after he became president. This discussion was part of the annual Lincoln Forum symposium in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.”

Abraham Lincoln’s Enemies

This is a panel of distinguished historians from the 2017 Lincoln Forum on political opponents of Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War period. It’s an excellent discussion. The video’s description reads, “Scholars talked about people who disliked and opposed Abraham Lincoln during his presidency, including members of his own cabinet. This discussion was part of the annual Lincoln […]