The Intersections of the Past, History, and Memory

Dr. Lisa Gilbert is a social studies teacher at the Thomas Jefferson School in St. Louis, Missouri. She put together this map for her 8th Grade students to explain how academic and public history coincide and differ as well as explaining what history is and how it differs from memory and the past.

This is really excellent.

Image copyright Dr. Lisa Gilbert, 2017. Used with permission of the creator.


  1. I have had a question that has bugged be for quite awhile. In Georgia’s Declaration of Immediate Causes, there is a reference to protective tariffs. At times, I read this and I think the delegates are saying that tariffs are no longer an issue, then at other times I am at a lost to fully undetstand the message the delegates are trying to make. Will you share your thoughts on this?

    To the best of my knowledge, Georgia’s reference and Alabama’s are the only times tariffs are mentioned in any state’s secession documents. Is this correct?

    Concerning Alabama’s mentioning of tariffs in a section of its Ordinance of Secession, I translate it to mean that tariffs were not an issue. It states that Alabama will continue the tariff rates enacted previously by the United States Congress. Do you think this is a reasonable interpretation?

    Enjoy the heck out if your articles.


    1. Thanks for the comment, though I would prefer comments that stay on the topic of the posts. I have a post on why Georgia seceded and one on why Alabama seceded. Alabama does not mention tariffs in their ordinance of secession. You can read it at the link for that post.

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