Interpreting the Civil War for the Public

Here’s a panel discussion of authors in the Emerging Civil War book series. The discussion’s quality is a bit uneven at times, but overall it’s pretty decent.

The video’s description reads, “Authors and public historians talked about how to make the Civil War era relatable to modern audiences. They discussed the state of Civil War studies and battlefield preservation in the wake of the recent 150th anniversary of the conflict.”




  1. I was looking for an article comparing Edward Ayers and James McPherson and found this:

  2. Read the article? Do you agree with Professor Blight?

    1. The article is a book review. What’s there to agree with?

      More interesting to me is what you think about the book, and what you think about the viewpoints from the book raised by Professor Blight.

  3. I’ll have to find the book and read it. What inspired my question was a statement about what Ayers said about McPherson and Ken Burns.

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