Grant Rap

Inspired by the brilliant hit musical, Hamilton, I thought I’d try my hand. I’m no Lin-Manuel Miranda for sure, but it’s a start. Let’s lobby for a musical about Grant! [Who lives, who dies, who tells your story]

My name is Hiram but they call me Ulysses,
I’m out to prove all the Rebels are sissies.
I march my armies, put the South in distress,
Then I leave the rest to my home boy, Billy S.
They say he’s a hellion, a rapskellion puttin’ down the rebellion.
He said “Ulys gimme troops now, I’ll make you say wow!
Ulys set me loose now, I’m gonna make Georgia howl!”

At Belmont I made a name
Henry and Donelson added to the fame.
At Shiloh the rebs tried to defeat me, tried to beat me.
They thought they surprised me, got inside me, newspapers criticized me.
Billy said “Grant we’ve had the devil’s day, yo!”
I said “We sure did, yo. Lick ’em tomorrow, though!”
With my boy Billy beside me,
Buell and Wallace behind me,
I pushed Beauregard ’til he ran cryin’ from me!

Vicksburg’s the prize I keep in my eyes,
Ain’t no lies, I’m gonna have that prize.
I don’t give up, never give up.
I march my boyz south then cross the river.
Will Joe Johnston stop me? I say never!
After months of siege the rebs are on their knees.
Pemberton comes out, says “I surrender, please!”

In Chattanooga town, Bragg’s makin’ Rosie frown,
And Abe wants to send me and my homies down.
“Take charge of the boyz, make lotsa noise, beat that Bragg n’ give us joys.”
Yo, Georgie T, take the place of Rosie.
We open the line, in time.
Billy and me plan to make Bragg flee.
Hooker came west to be with the best.
Now there’s food in the fridge,
And we take Missionary Ridge.

Abe’s impressed an’ now I’m dressed
With three stars. Man, I’ve come far.
Abe says to me
Slaves gotta be free.
That ain’t gonna be
‘Til you whip Bobby Lee.

Billy an’ me will kill the Confederacy.
I march the army south
To punch ’em in the mouth.
Billy takes on Joe, I say, “Go, man, go!”

Lee tries what he can
But he’s outta men
I surround ‘im,
And I pound ‘im.
I confound ‘im,
An’ astound ‘im.

At Appomattox we meet
To seal Lee’s defeat.
We meet,
We greet,
Lee, take a seat.

We write it down
And Lee makes a frown.
The boyz’r down,
Gonna tell the town
Then we render
Lee’s surrender.

[Text copyright 2017, Albert Mackey]



  1. Brilliant! I love it!

    1. Thanks, Sandi.

  2. Reblogged this on Blue in Red Virginia and commented:
    Had to share, just too good not too. I love it!

  3. Jimmy Dick · · Reply

    Love it! I’m going to put it on my FB page. I wish LMM recorded this version so we could crank it up when the neo-Confederates start their whining.

    Stick it on KKKonnie’s page and let’s find out just how loud she can screech.

    1. I’m glad you like it, Jimmy. I think LMM would produce something a lot better, though. 🙂

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