Some Incidents of Fake History

Fake news is in the public eye quite a bit these days. Here we’re going to consider some fake history.

The first is Confederate History Month, also known to some as Fake History Month.

Fake Confederate History Month is a relatively new beast, with its origin being traced to the 1990s with the first Fake Confederate History Month proclamation issued by Governor George Allen of Virginia. See the story here. Fake Confederate History Month has become an opportunity for Heritage Instead of History morons to post their own versions of fake history extolling the slavery-protecting confederacy in various places. In some cases their attempts are laughable. Other times it’s just sad to think that anyone could actually believe that nonsense.

One example is this story out of North Carolina, where a moron who happens to be an elected official makes his fake history claims that Abraham Lincoln was on a par with Adolf Hitler and that the Civil War was unconstitutional. What are the chances this idiot is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans? Fortunately the responsible news media in North Carolina have taken the opportunity to check the actual facts and highlight the idiot’s phony claims. See here.

Finally, we have Mr. Glenn Beck peddling a scheme where for the low, low price of $375 you can send your high school students to a program where they can be indoctrinated into fake history by the pseudohistorian David Barton, whose book on Thomas Jefferson was so filled with fabrications and phony claims his publisher took the rare step of disavowing the book and recalling it. See the story on the scheme here. Historian John Fea covers this scheme and provides a link to some actual facts regarding the issues discussed at the program here.


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  1. bob carey · · Reply

    Glenn Beck is nothing more than a charlatan who exploits the beliefs of the uninformed and uneducated for his own financial gain.
    You may also want to add Mark Levin to this group of propagandists. Last Thursday on his radio show he compared Shermans’ march to the methods used by Assad. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, the fellow in the next cubicle where I work was listening to Levin and he asked me what I thought of Levins’ opinion, a lively discussion followed.

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