General Lee’s Headquarters at Gettysburg

Here’s a Civil War Trust tour of the Thompson House, aka “General Lee’s Headquarters” at Gettysburg National Military Park. Garry Adelman and Jim Lighthizer give the tour. Of course, Gen. Lee’s actual headquarters was in the field across the Chambersburg Pike from the house, but there is considerable evidence he took some meals and held some meetings in the Thompson House.

The video’s description reads, “Jim Lighthizer and Garry Adelman gave a tour of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Gettysburg headquarters and talked about the property’s history and restoration. The Civil War Trust, a non-profit organization, purchased the house and surrounding land in 2015.”



  1. bob carey · · Reply

    I very much support the effort of the CWT in all its’ endeavors, and I have been a member for many years.
    However I do look back with a bit of nostalgia at the motel which occupied the site, it was my favorite place to stay whenever I was in town, the brew pub might have had something to do with my assessment. My wife and I even stayed in Ike’s and Mamie’s room once, that was kinda cool.
    Now when I’m in town I,m “forced” to stay at the other Quality Inn and partake in beverage consumption at the Mine and hang around with a lot of self described “history geeks”.

    1. The Appalachian Brewing Company has moved to a brand new building near the Quality Inn on Steinwehr.

  2. bob carey · · Reply

    Yeah I’ve been there a couple of times.
    The place reminds me of a cafeteria or a mess hall.

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