Union Defense at Cemetery Ridge

Here’s Wayne Motts, the CEO of the National Civil War Museum, giving a great presentation on the defense of Cemetery Ridge during the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg. This comes from the Mosby Heritage Area’s Conference on the Art of Command in the Civil War.

The video’s description reads, “Wayne Motts talked about the third day of Gettysburg as the turning point of the battle and the Union defense of Cemetery Ridge. He described the background of some of the men involved on both sides and the Union response to Pickett’s Charge.”

This is well worth your time.




  1. bob carey · · Reply

    Very enjoyable presentation. However, I do not agree with Wayne’s contention that “Pickett’s ” charge was the turning point of the battle. I believe that 2 other events could be considered more important turning points. First is the arrival of the 6th Corps late on Day 2, after a truly epic march. Their timely arrival shored up the Union left near the Round Tops. Secondly was Slocum’s early morning attack at Culp”s Hill, which forged Ewell to abandon his gains of the night before.
    These events, more or less compelled Lee either to attack the Union center or retreat.
    BTW Wayne is like every other Gettysburg guide I know, too soft spoken.LOL

    1. Thanks for the comment, Bob. Wayne is making the case for purchasing his book as well as telling us about the charge. 🙂

      Can you imagine Wayne appearing together with Garry Adelman? That would be so much energy and volume it would blow up the stage! 🙂

  2. bob carey · · Reply

    It would be quite a show. The stage would have to be pretty big for safety reasons, alot of arm flailing and such.

  3. bob carey · · Reply

    I finally caught the Gettysburg episode in the AHC series on Civil war battles, and I thought of this post. Both Wayne and Garry were talking heads, although not in the same room or even the same set. I thought this was kinda ironic.

    1. I’m going to watch that episode soon, Bob. I have it on DVR.

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