Take Note: Historian Carol Reardon on the Facts & Fiction of the American Civil War

Here’s an interview with Professor Carol Reardon, one of our top military historians. Here she talks a bit about the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge at Gettysburg, separating some fact from fiction for us.

It’s always a treat to get her take on things. Enjoy.




  1. You’re right, Al. I didn’t learn anything new but thoroughly enjoyed hearing her perspective on those topics.

    On a personal note, for the obvious reasons, I was pleasantly surprised to hear she started in biology and ended up a historian. Kind of reassuring and a nice coincidence that it’s not altogether weird to be in science and end up having to acknowledge a deep interest in history.

    May you have a joyful New Year’s Eve, and a Happy New Year, Al.

    1. Thanks, Bert, and same right back to you. Yeah, I’d heard her say she started in biology once before, and I thought of you then. 🙂

    2. Science and history are basically the same thing, i.e. constantly testing existing assumptions aginst new information according to a systematic method without subjectivity.

    3. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

      The Science Club is in session — most excellent. My background is in Chemistry, and up until recently, I have thought it a rather freakish combination: science & history. Perhaps it is because I often butt up against the likes of those individuals who have heard neither of Scientific Method nor objectivity, thus, I began to question my own rigidity as being suitable for this endeavor. Happily, I have since connected with like-minded individuals and I have found the previous group to be in the minority.

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