Blood and Fury: America’s Civil War

American Heroes Channel has a 6-part miniseries called “Blood and Fury: America’s Civil War.” The first episode aired this week and covered the First Battle of Bull Run [Manassas].

I thought it was a typical modern-day documentary with the obligatory “talking heads” and actors portraying soldiers. They made some great choices in the talking heads, selecting Garry Adelman, Matt Pinsker, and Ethan Rafuse to provide historical facts and context.

There are some viewers who are hung up on the uniforms and weapons, or the portly girth of some of the actors, but to me those are merely incidental. I would have liked to have seen a bit more comprehensive coverage of the battle. The program is a little over forty minutes long, so they didn’t have the time available to do a complete coverage, but after this program someone who didn’t know anything about the battle previously really wouldn’t understand it as much as I would like. I’m not the producer, though, and it’s not their fault they didn’t make the show I want to see.

All in all, though, I think the series is worth watching.

You can take a look for yourself here.



  1. bob carey · · Reply

    I think the real value of a series such as this is allowing the curious to expand their knowledge of the Civil War without to much effort. I know a couple of people in my office who were looking forward to the series just so they can converse with me about my interest in the Civil War era. Hopefully, enough people will view the series so that it entices the networks to produce similar programming, and our little band of history geeks will expand. LOL

    1. I agree, Bob. The Ken Burns series, the movie “Gettysburg,” and other popular culture items had an effect of increasing interest in Civil War History. This might have a similar effect, though it will be much smaller due to the fact that it’s on a fairly obscure cable channel.

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