Another Texas Idiot Rears His Ugly Head

Sid Miller, a Texas Agricultural Commissioner, recently shared with us his total ignorance of American History.

Responding to a Washington Post column supporting the Veterans Administration’s decision to ban the confederate flag from permanently fixed flagpoles in National Cemeteries, Miller posted on Facebook, ” I understand that there are many different opinions about the War Between the States, the Confederacy, and even the flags that were carried into battle by those Soldiers who believed what they were fighting and dying for was right. I have my opinion and others can have theirs. After all, we live in a country where blood was shed by those on both sides of the Civil War to protect that right. The Washington Post is certainly entitled to their opinion. What they are not entitled to do is attempt to read the minds of my long-dead Confederate ancestors and determine that their actions and motivations during that awful war were treasonous.”

So according to this moron, the confederacy was formed to guarantee free speech, and he obviously has no clue what he’s talking about regarding treason.

As anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows, protection of slavery was the driving force for the confederacy, and they weren’t fighting for freedom of speech. Also, as the Constitution tells us, levying war against the United States, which the confederates did, is clearly treason.

Typical of most neoconfederate idiots we find, he’s not only wallowing in his ignorance, he thinks he knows what he’s talking about when he very clearly doesn’t have a clue: “Nor does the Department of Veteran Affairs or the National Park Service have the right to deny the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech by those who wish to honor their ancestors by placing a fitting memorial to their memory of their choosing. After all, these brave men had no say as to where their earthly remains would be laid to rest. They certainly had no idea that the hallowed ground where they fell would today be a National Park or Cemetery administered by politically correct bureaucrats who have absolutely no understanding of the Civil War and the reasons why it was fought.” He’s the one with absolutely no understanding of the Civil War and why it was fought.

Proving he’s a total ignoramus and a liar, Miller then writes, “I know that because those who have made this ridiculous decision appear to have no understanding of the United States Constitution or the freedoms it provides even though the graves they now seek to desecrate and ridicule are filled with the bodies of men who clearly understood the meaning of that precious document and who were willing to sacrifice all they had, including their lives and their honor, to protect and preserve it.”

Banning a flag from a fixed, permanent flagpole is not desecrating a grave, and confederates were not fighting to protect and preserve the United States Constitution. Seriously, folks, if I were to write a fictional story and had a character saying this baloney, you’d all say it wasn’t believable. You would say nobody could possibly be that stupid.

He winds up his screed saying, “With all that is going on around our world and the serious threats that exist to our country and our constitutional freedoms by those who carry black flags with Arabic writing upon them, I would think that those in our national government would simply leave alone the flags marking the burial grounds of our Confederate dead. Unfortunately, I fear that is just wishful thinking on my part and highlights why the outcome of the upcoming election is so very, very important.” I thought the Trump people were claiming their supporters were not deplorable xenophobic, Islamophobic fear mongers. Apparently in Miller’s case they were wrong.



  1. Sid Miller is an idiot, but lots of us down here have known that for quite a while. He’s not exactly the most careful guy when it comes to following the public trust, either. Last year he used state money to fly to Mississippi to compete in rodeo, and when someone ask him about that, he repaid the state using his campaign funds, which is only marginally more appropriate. Miller later claimed that using state funds for his trip was appropriate because he was going to meet Mississippi’s Ag Commissioner during the trip. But gosh darn it, somehow that meeting never actually got written down on anybody’s calendar, so it never happened.

    1. Gotta wonder why he’s not in jail after pulling a stunt like that.

      1. Because Texas.

        1. Surely this is only an aberration.

  2. Once again Al you hit the nail on the head.
    This normalization of being malicious, fact free and revising history is deeply disturbing.
    It is allowed to play out in politics, the media and in large segments of our culture.

    What is just as disturbing is the people who either agree with or don’t even know these various ways people are delegitimizing critical thinking or logic that are taking place.

    Facts left in context are not liberal or conservative.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts based in facts, logic and critical thinking.

  3. Al,
    Someone should point out to Miller that the forces of the Confederacy killed far more U.S. servicemen than any foreign enemy we ever fought. The flag that represents the Confederacy should not be allowed to have a permanent place at the National Cemeteries.
    I don’t want to belittle the threat to American lives posed to by ISIS but that group has zero chance of destroying this great country, whereas the Confederacy came damn close.

    1. I understand your point, Bob, but WW2 had more US soldier deaths than the Civil War. Your larger point, though, is well taken. R. E. Lee is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban put together.

      1. bob carey · · Reply

        Lets take Lee out of the equation. Over the past 150 years I would venture to say that White Supremacist terror groups and individuals (Roof, McViegh the Klan etc.) are responsible for more American lives than Islamic terrorism.

  4. I’d like to know if any of you have made a similar observation. Is this true? Those who believe that the Confederacy should have won the war have no idea of what happened between the end of the Mexican American War and the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860.

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