Ari Kelman, The American Civil War

Here’s another podcast from Ben Franklin’s World. Host Liz Covart interviews historian Ari Kelman about his graphic history of the Civil War.

The podcast’s website tells us this is what we’ll learn in this episode:

What You’ll Discover

  • How writing a graphic history differs from writing a traditional history book
  • When and how the Civil War began
  • The Battle of First Bull Run or First Manassas
  • Day-to-day life for Union and Confederate soldiers
  • Wartime experiences of African American soldiers
  • Leadership of the Union Army
  • Ulysses S. Grant and his command
  • George B. McClellan and his leadership
  • Civilian life in the Confederacy during the Civil War
  • Civilian life in Union states during the Civil War
  • Life in the Border States of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri
  • The role California and Californians played in the Civil War
  • Carpetbaggers and Copperheads

You can access it here.


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