Sacred Trust 2016 Day Three

I’ve previously written about the lectures I sat in on, and you can see what I wrote here.

I missed Jared Frederick’s really good presentation on the history of the battlefield and what it was used for since the end of World War II. I think he did a terrific job with this.

I thought the next two presentations were really disappointing. Michael C. C. Adams, I thought was generally wrong, and S. C. Gwynne’s presentation was not what it was advertised to be and added nothing worth seeing. But here they are anyway:

After those two downers it was great to see the program close out with some really terrific presentations.

Ranger Frank O’Reilly, the Park Historian at the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, talked about the “Tale of Two Councils of War.”

Dennis Frye, the Chief Historian at the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, gave a truly outstanding presentation asking if George McClellan out-thought Robert E. Lee during the Maryland Campaign of 1862.

Next, Professor Carol Reardon of Penn State gave an interesting talk on the medical lessons from the Civil War.

And finally, Wayne Motts, the CEO of the National Civil War Museum and Jim Hessler, a Licensed Battlefield Guide at Gettysburg, gave a really good presentation on Pickett’s Charge.

So the day started off well enough with Jared Frederick, had a low point for two presentations, and then finished strong with four great presentations.


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