The Massive Historical Ignorance of Rep. Steve King

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has a confederate flag on his desk. In this interview he’s asked about it, and he displays massive historical ignorance in spouting so many untruths about the Civil War [such as claiming “only a small part was about slavery”] that, if his claims about them are true, his ancestors are rolling in their graves. This answer is one hot mess of uninformed opinion, ignorance, and sheer lunacy. His “history” is undoubtedly a result of his political opinions. As long as it justifies his political opinions, it apparently doesn’t matter to him if what he spouts is true or not. He claims his family “carried the blood of Abraham Lincoln in their veins and that’s been passed onto me.” This guy is a lunatic. He should also learn to use “digress” properly.

Never trust a politician on history.


Representative King does not disappoint. He shows why he has a confederate flag in his office: he’s a racist.



  1. The historical flags he chose were the Confederate Battle Flag and the Gadsden Flag, that are currently the two most politically-charged vexilloloigcal emblems out there. King’s choice makes a partisan statement, and he ought to have the stones to defend that statement directly, rather than some nonsense about “the blood of Abraham Lincoln.”

    1. That would mean having the courage of his convictions.

    2. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

      Thank you for the heads up on the Gadsden Flag, Andy — I just thought it was an old relic from the Revolutionary War. I did not realize that the Tea Party, Libertarians, & the usual company that follows had adopted it as their own. I guess that explains why I have been seeing it around town as of late….

      1. The meaning and implication of flags and other symbols changes over time, and how they are used. If someone wants to display a patriotic emblem hearkening back to the American Revolution, there are many examples to choose from that don’t have specific, partisan political messaging in 2016.

      2. Shoshana Bee said: “I just thought it was an old relic from the Revolutionary War.”

        First off, does the flag have red and white stripes? If so, that’s a flag of the US Navy and not a subversive image. But if it’s on a yellow field, then yes … that’s the problematic one. I’ve met people on my college campus who ONLY know the Gadsden flag as a modern political symbol.

        My thoughts, copied and pasted from a Civil War Memory post: As a Confederate descendant, my opinion aligns with the UDC — I’m against the modern, non-Civil War use (and trivialization) of the Confederate Battle flag. I feel the same way about the Gadsden Flag from the Revolution, which has been appropriated by the Tea Party and taken on racist and ironically anti-American connotations. Ten years ago I would have been proud of that “DONT TREAD ON ME” banner …. but now it would make me look like a domestic terrorist! So it goes into retirement alongside the Confederate flag, at least until the crazies have stopped misusing it.

        Andy said: ” If someone wants to display a patriotic emblem hearkening back to the American Revolution, there are many examples to choose from that don’t have specific, partisan political messaging in 2016.”

        I’m partial to the “Join or Die” cartoon snake, which I find to have better modern implications. The coffee cup on my desk has both snakes, but I keep the Join or Die side facing out for display.

  2. bob carey · · Reply

    I just saw King on TV and he stated in regards to the white race, and I’m paraphrasing, what other sub group in our country contributed more to civilization. I thought the black women who was also on the panel, was going to blow her stack. This guy is nothing more than an ignorant racist who is an embarrassment to the House of Representatives and the people of Iowa.

    1. I just read an article on that and I’m about to post an update.

  3. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

    I just read the transcript for the update. Looks like this guy should add another flag to his collection; he is beginning to sound like a particular dictator of yesteryear.

  4. His view of history is as inept as his handling of historical artifacts.

  5. “never trust a politician with history”
    Yep, I learned that one after hearing Jeff Davis try to re-spin his story late in the war.

  6. This post came to mind as I saw Jason Lewis won the Republican primary as the nominee for a house seat in Minnesota.

    Jason Lewis is one of the “states-rights” advocates echoing many of the neo-confederates you often use facts and contextual history to refute.

    Jason Lewis has even written a book on his views of the Civil War.

    What is up with the midwest with Steve King and now Jason Lewis?

    How do they pass this stuff they believe in off to their constituents?

    That is why I love your blog.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Rob.

      The way I see it, some of these folks are just poorly educated in history and get taken in by charlatans, and then they spread the phony word.

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