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Here’s a great interview with historian Victoria Bynum regarding the movie, Free State of Jones.

We get to learn a lot in a short time, not only about the real story behind the movie but also about the movie and about Vikki’s connection to Jones County and the story of Newt Knight. Something interesting is that in a flash forward there is a trial scene where one of Newt Knight’s descendants is on trial for violating the anti-miscegenation laws of Mississippi, and in that scene many of the extras are Newt Knight’s actual descendants.

The video’s description reads, “Historian and author Victoria Bynum talks about her book, ‘The Free State of Jones: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War.’ First published in 2003, the book tells the story of Jones County residents who opposed secession from the union during the civil war. The true story is receiving a resurgence in interest now that it is being made into a major motion picture starring Matthew McConaughey.”


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  1. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

    A very interesting video — lots of information, indeed. One point of interest was the relations of Jasper in East Texas who were held up in the “Thicket” much like Newt Knight’s band were holding out in Miss.

    Another point of interest is that the book stretches over a time period from the Revolution to the mid 20th century, so there was STILL a lot of information not included in the movie!

    I was lucky to see the movie last weekend before it left town. It is really too bad that it was not around longer, because I found it to be very well done and deserving of more exposure.

    Ms. Bynum seems like an incredibly personable individual, so at the very least, her speaking schedule is going to be jammed with engagements 🙂

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