2016 Gettysburg Anniversary Day One


I started the day with a real-time program on the battle’s opening with Ranger Nate Hess. Nate did a really good job, though I would much rather see him use the terms, “Union” or “Federal” and “Confederate” rather than “North” and “South.” Four southern states, after all, stayed loyal to the Union, and over two hundred thousand southerners fought for the Union.


Next, Ranger Matt Atkinson conducted a terrific battle walk discussing Joseph Davis’ brigade. Where was Davis during the battle? That, as Matt said, is the million-dollar question. He was, for the most part, not where he should have been. Would he have made a difference? We don’t know, but the fact remains as the brigade commander he should have been providing leadership, and he didn’t. His brigade was shredded.


Our second battle walk of the day saw Ranger John Heiser leading us in following Iverson’s brigade to their destruction on Oak Ridge. John did a wonderful job.


The final battle walk saw LBG John Archer talking about the Union retreat and the confederate pursuit through Gettysburg to Cemetery Hill. This was a good walk, though a couple of the stops he chose were too close to the traffic in town.

This was a great day for battle walks. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.


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