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African Americans During Reconstruction Panel

This is an excellent panel discussion with Professor Elsa B. Brown of the University of Maryland, College Park, Professor W. L. Burke, Professor Emeritus of the University of South Carolina Law School, Ehren Foley of the South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, and Professor Stacey Smith of Oregon State University. They have a terrific conversation […]

CWI 2016 Day Two

Here’s why your bank account is in danger at the CWI. This was the first full day. We started off with a two-hour session giving us an overview of Reconstruction. I was in the session with Andrew Slap of East Tennessee State University. He did a good job, giving us a standard by-the-book overview. You […]

Burning of the Shenandoah Valley

Here’s Ranger Eric Campbell, Chief of Interpretation at the Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park, giving an excellent presentation on “The Burning,” which was Philip H. Sheridan’s destruction of food sources in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864. The video’s description reads, “Eric Campbell describes the activities of the Union Army in the Shenandoah Valley […]

CWI 2016 Day One

The first day of the conference is in the books. It was great to see friends and to meet new friends. First up was Prof. David Silkenat of the University of Edinburgh speaking on “An Honorable Defeat: The Confederacy and Reconstruction.” He looked at the concept of honor as seen in the 19th Century. It […]

Follow the CWI

I’m all set for this year’s Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College Summer Conference. You can view the conference schedule here. Those of you who are unable to attend can still follow what’s going on. C-SPAN 3 will broadcast Saturday’s sessions live from 1PM EDT to 8:30 PM EDT. They’ll probably record other sessions for […]

Confederate Flag Flap in Harrisburg

The Hanover Area Historical Society has a collection of replica flags it loaned to the Pennsylvania State Capitol for display in honor of Flag Day. Three of these fifty flags are confederate flags: A First National Flag, a Bonny Blue Flag, and an Army of Tennessee battle flag. State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown (D-Philadelphia) took umbrage […]

1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign

Here’s Jeffry Wert discussing Sheridan and Early and their Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864. It’s a good presentation, even though he goes a little off track occasionally. The video’s description reads, “Jeffry Wert talked about the Confederate and Union generals who engaged in the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign. He spoke about how the commanding generals in […]

INSIGHT: Jim Grossman – Executive Director, American Historical Association

Here’s an interview with Jim Grossman, the Executive Director of the American Historical Association. He discusses historical thinking and what history majors learn beyond the facts and interpretations of history classes. He also has an article in the LA Times here. The video’s description reads, “Jim Grossman Executive Director of the American Historical Association discusses the […]

What Should Happen With Confederate Monuments?

Nothing? Tear them down? Move them? Add interpretation to them? Treat them on a case-by-case basis? Add more Union or African-American monuments next to them? Professor Jill Ogline Titus of Gettysburg College and the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College would like us to differentiate the monuments from the flag. Article here. She writes, “As Ethan J. Kytle and […]

Back to the Future (of Civil War History)

The June 2016 issue of the journal Civil War History is a special issue with articles that contain samples of the conversations held during the 2013 “Future of Civil War History” conference held in Gettysburg. I previously blogged about that conference here, here, here, here, here, and here. The articles also build on those conversations and […]