Pennsylvania Cable Network Announces Gettysburg Schedule

PCN Gettysburg Header

PCN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network, has the schedule for this year’s Gettysburg Anniversary posted online. You can see it here.

Coverage begins Thursday, June 30, at 9AM EDT with an interview with Bradley Gottfried on his book, The Maps of Gettysburg. On Friday, July 1, things begin in earnest with an 8AM interview with J. D. Petruzzi on his book, The Complete Gettysburg Guide and then a full day of battle walks. You’ll see John Hoptak and Dan Vermilya covering Junius Daniel’s brigade, Nate Hess covering the collapse of the Eleventh Corps, Troy Harman on the defense of the Emmitsburg Road, and Britt Isenberg on the defense of Cemetery Hill among other attractions on the schedule

Coverage continues on Saturday, July 2, and Sunday, July 3. Monday, July 4 is more of the same. The network plans to air coverage of this year’s Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so far. Get your VCRs and DVRs warmed up and ready.

Those of you outside PCN’s area can still watch on PCN Select, which requires a subscription, and you can then watch the coverage streaming online.

The network will stream some of this year’s anniversary programs live on PCN Select, and it will broadcast edited versions of those programs at night. I wish them luck in trying to edit Matt Atkinson down to only one hour. 😉

It’s unfortunate that I can’t link to the archives of the network unless you and I both have paid subscriptions, but they are a small regional cable company and need to get their revenue somehow to pay all their overhead.


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