Post-war Shenandoah Valley Virginia

Here’s Ranger Shannon Moeck on the Shenandoah Valley after the war. This is an excellent presentation.

The video’s description reads, “The aftermath of the Civil War brought many challenges to the residents of the Shenandoah Valley. In the fall of 1864, the war-torn region had been destroyed by Union General Phil Sheridan’s Blue-Coats during ‘the Burning,’ and in the post-war period, the Valley’s residents not only had to deal with the economic recovery of their formerly-named ‘Breadbasket,’ but also the political changes facing the nation. Park Ranger Shannon Moeck discusses how all the Valley’s civilians, including former slaves and Confederate veterans, adjusted and adapted to their new environment, then, while remembering their past, went about rebuilding their lives during this uncertain time.”


One comment

  1. Very nice, and now I get to enjoy its current version since thats basically the area I live in =]

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