Power and Distorted Relationships: The Psychology of the “Loyal Slave” and “Mammy”

Here’s Ranger Troy Harman speaking on relationships within the slavery context, and on the perceptions of those relationships, which in some cases didn’t match reality. Unfortunately, he went way over time. Troy is very conscientious about fully explaining his concepts and making sure he provides enough information for everyone in the audience to understand what he’s getting at.

The video’s description reads, “In the final days of the America Civil War, previously isolated slave populations found the opportunity to run toward Union ships or infantry encampments. Likewise, as federal forces moved onto these plantations and publicly read the Emancipation Proclamation, newly freed slaves migrated in great numbers to the nearest city where the Freedman’s Bureau worked to reunite scattered families and provide various forms of social or economic support. Southern planters watched their slaves leave with dismay, having lived under the delusion that their ‘human property’ saw them as patriarchs who provided daily protection from birth to death. Their ‘defections’ stripped away any pretense of the master-slave relationship. Join Ranger Troy Harman and explore the shattered notions of the ‘loyal slave’ and ‘Mammy’ following the end of the war and the transformation of southern society.”


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