2016 Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College

The 2016 Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College is just over two weeks away. You can see the schedule here.

This year’s the CWI focuses on Reconstruction and the Legacy of the Civil War, and the faculty lineup is awesome. If you haven’t registered yet, the full-time positions are sold out.

This is a pleasant surprise to CWI Director Pete Carmichael, who just three short years ago predicted a CWI dedicated to Reconstruction would be sparsely attended at best:

If you put together a fantastic program, people will come to see it. I’ve attended every conference of Pete’s tenure as the CWI’s director, and I can tell you each program has been fantastic. My only complaint is that I can’t attend every one of the concurrent sessions and go on every one of the tours each year.

Some part-time spots are still available if you want to get to this year’s conference. I’m really looking forward to it.



  1. Shoshana Bee · · Reply

    THIS conference is on my MUST DO list, and if I were not making my first pilgrimage to Gettysburg this year, I would opt for the conference, instead. I am hoping that there will be some sort of coverage as it takes place, and perhaps a video or two of the lectures. I hope. What a great time period that we are entering: The Civil War Institute followed not long after by all of the Civil War Trust lectures held during the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg (although it seems that there are conflicts in scheduling this year) So much brain power all in one place!

    1. I call the time from the CWI through the Gettysburg Anniversary events, including the Sacred Trust lectures, my “Civil Warlapalooza.”

  2. Mike Rogers · · Reply

    I think your presence, Al, is the primary driver for the sell-out. 🙂 See you in a couple of weeks

    1. Not me, Mike. If that were the case, there would be a whole lot more readers of this blog. 🙂 All the credit goes to Pete and his staff for putting together an outstanding lineup of great scholars.

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