The Furled Banner

Here’s historian John Coski of the American Civil War Museum giving a lecture on the confederate flag. This is a wonderful lecture.

The video’s description reads, “Father Abram Ryan’s 1865 poem, ‘The Conquered Banner,’ made the Confederate flag a metaphor for the defeat of the Confederacy: furl the banner, but revere the memory of the cause. But was the Confederate flag actually furled and retired to become an artifact of a nation that passed into history? American Civil War Museum Historian John Coski explores the history of the Confederate flag in the immediate postwar years and its emergence as a symbol of the ‘Lost Cause.’ This talk was given at Civil War and Emancipation Day in Richmond, Virginia.”


One comment

  1. I have the same problem with this presentation that I have with others by Coski. At the end of the talk, around the the 21st minute mark he asks Why do we have all these monuments? Why wasn’t the CBF suppressed like the Swastika? Coski said that the US opted “not to send [white Southerners] to reeducation camps, that was the option not taken.”

    Why compare people who objected to Confederate iconography to totalitarians? West Germany did ban the Nazi flag. Does that make them totalitarians? Britain and other countries have penalties for Holocaust denial but have never set up reeducation camps. Coski is way too ready to compare critics of the CBF and Confederate shrines to the Taliban and the Vietnamese Communists.

    What he does not discuss is that these symbols flourished because blacks were denied the vote in many communities where they were displayed on public property.

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